10 Facts about Dachshunds

Wednesday, June 1st 2016. | Animals

The simplest way to learn about Dachshunds is through Facts about Dachshunds. This dog owns many interesting trivia and history. It’s fun to know some fun facts about the dog. Here are some of them.

Facts about Dachshunds 1: the Badgers Hunters

Dachshunds indeed have a unique and amusing body shape. However, they aren’t just a cute dog. They are famous due to their hunting capability. They can move swiftly to hunt down badgers. The name “dachshund” means badger dog in German.

Facts about Dachshunds 2: the Varieties

The AKC recognizes 2 different dachshund varieties. The first one is a standard dog and the second one is miniature dachshunds. Despite these types, the dogs also come in different colors and coat types.



Facts about Dachshunds 3: the Smallest Hunting Dog

Dachshunds are the smallest hunting dogs. Yet, they aren’t as small as Chihuahuas. They are good in hunting smaller animals. Beyond their cuteness, they are scrappy.

Facts about Dachshunds 4: the Watch Dogs

They can also be a watching dog. It’s because they are quite aware and alert. They bark to any strangers around. As a matter of fact, they belong to the most aggressive dogs in the world.



Facts about Dachshunds 5: the Popularity

Here’s the fact. Dachshunds are quite popular in the United States. AKC has approved it. Today, the dogs become the 10th most famous dog breed in America. Will they remain in the same position next year?

Facts about Dachshunds 6: the Queen’s Dog

Dachshunds were Queen Victoria’s favorite dog. The Queen was a dog lover. Thanks to her husband, she chose Dachshunds as her favorite dog breed. The dog’s popularity increased due to this fact.

Facts about Dachshunds

Facts about Dachshunds

Facts about Dachshunds 7: the German Sentiment

The dogs’ popularity decreased due to the bad image of Germany. Many posters and propaganda told that Dachshunds represented the enemy. Both Britain and the United States did this. Get facts about American Bulldogs here.

Facts about Dachshunds 8: the Stubborn Dogs

E.B White, a writer, was a dog lover. Despite his love to Dachshunds, he considered the dog as a stubborn creature. He even wrote it in his book.

Dachshunds Pic

Dachshunds Pic

Facts about Dachshunds 9: the Inspiring Dogs

They have inspired many visual artists. For example, Pablo Picasso wrote a story about the dog in his book. There was another artist, Andy Warhol. He valued this breed. He decided to take care of a Dachshund as a company. Look at facts about Cats and Dogs here.

Facts about Dachshunds 10: the Mascot

Dachshunds were used as a mascot for the Olympics in Munich. It was in 1972. The designer of the mascot was Otl Aicher.

Dachshunds Pic

Dachshunds Pic

You can find more Facts about Dachshunds out there.

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