10 Facts about Dadaism

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It’s fun to read some Facts about Dadaism. What is it, exactly? It was the art movement originated in Zurich. There are many interesting facts regarding Dadaism. Here are some of them.

Facts about Dadaism 1: the New Art Form

According to Hugo Ball, Dadaism is the new art form and movement. It’s hard to define what Dada is. The movement is commonly defined as anarchical and anti-bourgeois. That means the art represents the wildness and nonsense.

Facts about Dadaism 2: Zurich

Dadaism was originated in Zurich. The WWI spread in the Europe. There was no much room for art to develop. Many intellectuals and artists moved to Zurich. At that time, they created exile art.

Dadaism Art

Dadaism Art

Facts about Dadaism 3: the Cabaret Voltaire

Hugo Ball and Emmy Hennings opened the Voltaire in 1916. It was the meeting place for like-minded artists. It was just the beginning of the Dadaism.

Facts about Dadaism 4: the Rocking Horse

The name “Dada” came from French. It’s the rocking horse. However, there wasn’t precise theory regarding the origin of the name. There were other versions of theory related to this issue, in fact.


Facts about Dadaism

Facts about Dadaism

Facts about Dadaism 5: the Global Art

Dadaism is considered as an international art movement. The founding members came from numerous countries including France, Rumania, and Germany.

Facts about Dadaism 6: the Anti-Bourgeois Norms

Dadaism opposed both bourgeois norms and war. The Dadaists actually were looking for an art movement that can free and heal people from the times’ madness. They protested against the war brutality and the massacre.



Facts about Dadaism 7: the Slam Poets

The Dadaists were the first precursors and artists of slam poets. They experimented with various forms and styles. Hugo’s first work was the “verses without words”. In fact, the these people ere the forerunners of Surrealism.

Facts about Dadaism 8:  the Uproar

Dadaism caused uproar in Zurich. It’s because they had bizarre activities and unconventional art. They even published false reports daily in the newspapers. Get facts about Craig Martin here.

Dadaism Pictures

Dadaism Pictures

Facts about Dadaism 9: the Domination of Dadaism

Dadaists can conquer the world. They were able to communicate well. They used many media including magazines, manifestos, and letters. They told the world about their vision. There are many Dada groups around the world, in fact.

Facts about Dadaism 10: the Death

The fame had brought havocs. Many people started disputing Dadaism. Hugo Ball even left the group. He devoted to mystical Catholicism after it. At that time, Surrealism was born. Find facts about Cubism art here.

Dadaism Facts

Dadaism Facts

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