10 Facts about Daddy Long Legs

Thursday, June 2nd 2016. | Animals

What about learning the Facts about Daddy Long Legs? You should be curious about it. This animal is quite interesting. There are many things you don’t know about this majestic creature.

Facts about Daddy Long Legs 1: They aren’t Spiders

Even though they are arachnids, they have a closer relation to scorpions. The fact is that they don’t produce silk. They only have one pair of eyes. Their body is fused, unlike spiders. Thus, you shouldn’t call them as a spider.

Facts about Daddy Long Legs 2: Venomous?

No, they aren’t venomous. Their fangs can’t even penetrate your skin. Wait a minute! They don’t even have fangs. They can’t produce venom, either. However, there are venomous daddy long legs in Australia. They are called cellar spider.

Daddy Long Legs Images

Daddy Long Legs Images

Facts about Daddy Long Legs 3: the Age

Here’s the thing. They are very old. There are many well-preserved fossils of this animal. The age is at least 400 million years old. It’s hard to define, though.

Facts about Daddy Long Legs 4: the Name

What is the real name? The Americans gave the name based on its physical characteristic. In South America, daddy long legs have shorter legs.

Daddy Long Legs Pic

Daddy Long Legs Pic

Facts about Daddy Long Legs 5: They are Global

You can find daddy long legs all over the world. These creatures can be found everywhere but Antarctica. They live in caves, under rocks, and humid areas. Also, different regions have their own unique daddy longlegs.

Facts about Daddy Long Legs 6: the Varieties

Daddy long legs come in numerous varieties. There are more than 9,000 species around the world. Only 7,000 of them have been described, though.

Facts about Daddy Long Legs

Facts about Daddy Long Legs

Facts about Daddy Long Legs 7: the Big Clumps

Some daddy long legs love to hang out in large clumps. It’s a typical behavior, in fact. Even scientists don’t know why these creatures do this. Check facts about crows here.

Facts about Daddy Long Legs 8: Goes Nowhere

They don’t get around much. Just because they have long legs, doesn’t mean they love to move around. That means they don’t go anywhere. They are able to sit all night long on their habitat. The legs are just for showing off to ladies.

Daddy Long Legs Facts

Daddy Long Legs Facts

Facts about Daddy Long Legs 9: the Fighting Spirit

Many predators hunt them like lizards and birds. However, they have a well defend system. They produce chemical excretion from their bodies. This can keep away those predators. Look at facts about Cuttlefish here.

Facts about Daddy Long Legs 10: the Long Life

Daddy long legs are able to live long. The bigger species can live up to two years. The tiny ones can live longer up to 7 years.

Daddy Long Legs Pictures

Daddy Long Legs Pictures

Facts about Daddy Long Legs have blown your mind, no?

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