10 Facts about Daddy Yankee

Thursday, June 2nd 2016. | Music

Well, you should have known some Facts about Daddy Yankee if you are a fan of him.  You can learn more about him here. These interesting facts will blow your mind, for sure.

Facts about Daddy Yankee 1: the Puerto Rico’s Rapper

He is known as a famous rapper from Puerto Rico. However, he has gained many achievements in the music industry. Today, he has coined the title reggaeton. He achieved his success through hardships. There’s nothing like a comfy journey.

Facts about Daddy Yankee 2: the Early Life

Daddy Yankee was born in 1977. His original name was Ramon Ayala. He actually has a brother. The name was Nomar. His brother sticks by Yankee’s side during the music journey. Ramon loved music since he was a kid. Thanks to his father.

Daddy Yankee Facts

Daddy Yankee Facts

Facts about Daddy Yankee 3: the Father

Ramon’s father was a bongosero. You can call him as a salsa percussionist. He often showed his skill in front of Ramon. This way, he could inject some musical talents to his family.

Facts about Daddy Yankee 4: the Vibe of Reggae

Daddy Yankee learned the energetic reggae vibe from some DJ. It was filled with hip-hop lyrics, though. In 1994, he obtained his stage name as Daddy Yankee. His other stage name was El Cangri. The meaning is “handsome”.

Daddy Yankee Images

Daddy Yankee Images

Facts about Daddy Yankee 5: the No Mercy

He released his first album in 1994. The title was ‘No Mercy’. In contained most Latin songs. He also released more albums separately from 1996-2001. With this, he gained his local fame in no time. He penetrated the US market through his new album ‘El Changri.com’.

Facts about Daddy Yankee 6: the Barrio Fino

He produced a single ‘Gasolina’. It was his main music in his album ‘Barrio Fino’. It was sold for millions in Puerto Rico and the US. What a great achievement.

Daddy Yankee Pictures

Daddy Yankee Pictures

Facts about Daddy Yankee 7: the Marriage

Daddy Yankee became a spouse to Mirredys Gonzales. He even had 3 children from this marriage. He seemed to hide the details of his family. In fact, he has been married for more than 14 years. Check facts about Count Basie here.

Facts about Daddy Yankee 8: the Raise

He partnered with the government to build an orphanage. They raised money for schools. They even built Fundacion Corazon Guerrero. It is a charitable organization that trains ex-prisoners for better future.

Facts about Daddy Yankee

Facts about Daddy Yankee

Facts about Daddy Yankee 9: the Copyright Infringement

The singer was sued in 2007. It was for copyright infringement. It was his track in ‘Barrio Fino’ album. Find facts about Courtney Love here.

Facts about Daddy Yankee 10: the ‘El Cartel: the Big Boss’

His album was put it 50th Grammy Awards as the best Latin Urban Album. Well, his hard work has been paid back.

Daddy Yankee Pic

Daddy Yankee Pic

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