10 Facts about Daft Punk

Friday, June 3rd 2016. | Music

Why do you need to know the Facts about Daft Punk? Well, these brilliant musicians have been known worldwide due to their talents and uniqueness. They even clean swept at the Grammys. Here are some interesting facts to know.

Facts about Daft Punk 1: the First Show

Daft Punk’s first show was in Wisconsin. However, it was so muddy and wet. They considered it as a great experience, though. They could play happily outside the city. Even though it wasn’t huge, it was meaningful.

Facts about Daft Punk 2: Paul Williams

He was one of the Random Access Memories collaborators. He even spoke on behalf of this group at the Grammys in 2014.

Daft Punk Artists

Daft Punk Artists

Facts about Daft Punk 3: David Bowie

According to some sources, David Bowie had the chance to sing on Daft Punk’s song. As a matter of fact, many people believe that Bowie can fit and sing well in ‘Lose Yourself to dance’.

Facts about Daft Punk 4: Kanye West

Daft Punk’s concert in Grammys 2014 was a surprise performance. They did it with Kanye West. They performed well. Needless to say, they collaborated in a professional manner even from the start.

Daft Punk Facts

Daft Punk Facts

Facts about Daft Punk 5: the Animated Videos

They released some animated videos. These were part of Leiji Matsumoto’s serialized story in Japan. Their video was also animated by Japanese. It was Kazuhisa Takenouchi.

Facts about Daft Punk 6: the Robots

Daft Punk always avoids the photographers. They don’t want their face to be captured by cameras since 2006. They consider themselves as performers instead of models.

Daft Punk Pic

Daft Punk Pic

Facts about Daft Punk 7: the Clueless Artists

They don’t quite understand the recent dance music state. They said that they don’t even know any EDM albums or artists. They thought it was just a person called EDM. Get facts about Cody Simpson here.

Facts about Daft Punk 8: the Masked Duo

They have decided to always perform in costume and masks. They want to avoid common pitfall called “star system”. If they focus on their real image, they can lose their performance’s quality.

Daft Punk Pictures

Daft Punk Pictures

Facts about Daft Punk 9: the Albums

They have produced 4 albums in the past 16 years. Not to mention they made a soundtrack for a movie Tron: Legacy.

Facts about Daft Punk 10: the Live Shows

Unfortunately, Daft Punk isn’t interested in performing live shows. They want their creative dreams and freedom. They value their works better than money. Look at facts about Coolio here.

Facts about Daft Punk

Facts about Daft Punk

So, do you like Facts about Daft Punk?

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