10 Facts about Daimyo

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Facts about Daimyo present the interesting information about the powerful feudal lords in Japan. Most Japanese lands were under the control of the daimyo. However, their power was reduced in the beginning of Meiji era. The word daimyo were taken from two words, dai and myo. The former one means large, while the latter one means private land. Let’s check other interesting facts about the daimyo below:

Facts about Daimyo 1: the powerful feudal lords

In 10th century until the mid-19th century, the daimyo were powerful in Japan. But it was still under the Shogun.

Facts about Daimyo 2: samurai

Since the daimyo had a great deal of land, they had to protect it. Therefore, the samurai was hired to protect the land. The daimyo would give the samurai food or land. It was very rare for the daimyo to use money to pay the samurai.

Daimyo Facts

Daimyo Facts

Facts about Daimyo 3: the end of the daimyo’s power

In 1871, the power of the daimyo was reduced after the prefecture system was introduced and adopted. It was after the Meiji restoration.

Facts about Daimyo 4: the first group

The first group of men who took the first title as the daimyo was the shugo daimyo. During the Muromachi period, this group appeared. This group was strong for their power was seen in economy, police and military within their province.

Daimyo Pic

Daimyo Pic

Facts about Daimyo 5: The Onin War

The shugo daimyo were fighting each other in the Onin War. The provincial uprisings were spotted too during the period because the powerful warriors in the local area wanted to get independence from the daimyo.

Facts about Daimyo 6: daimyo in Edo Period

Daimyo were still spotted in Edo period. There were 200 daimyo reorganized by Shogun Tokugawa leyasu. Since the tozama were potentially rebellious, marriage and control policies were applied to create peace between tozama and tokugawa.

Facts about Daimyo

Facts about Daimyo

Facts about Daimyo 7: daimyo after Meiji restoration

The kazoku was a new aristocracy created after the Meiji restoration in 1869. This group was formed by daimyo and kuge.

Facts about Daimyo 8: the end of daimyo

The daimyo era in Japan ended after prefectures were established and the han was removed in 1871. Look at facts about culture here.

Daimyo Japan

Daimyo Japan

Facts about Daimyo 9: the prefectural governors

Even though the han was removed, the daimyo got the position as the prefectural governor. They still controlled their own land.

Facts about Daimyo 10: the power of daimyo

Even though the base power of daimyo was cut off, they were still notable in the Japanese society and government. Get facts about ancient Japan here.

Daimyo Pictures

Daimyo Pictures

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