10 Facts about Dairy Cows

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Facts about Dairy Cows tell you about the dairy cattle or milk cows. The milk is largely produced by dairy cows. The people can use the cow milk to create various types of dairy products. Bos Taurus is considered as the primary species used for dairy cows. It was difficult for the people in the past to differentiate the beef cattle and dairy cattle because both were used to produce milk and meat. Let’s check other interesting facts about dairy cows below:

Facts about Dairy Cows 1: the milk production today

The milk production today is focused on the specialized bovine industry. It only employs the special cattle used for producing milk.

Facts about Dairy Cows 2: the dairy cows in United States

In 2007, the milk production reached 185 billion lbs or 83.9 billion kilogram in United States. In 1950, the industry only generated 116 billion lbs or 52.6 billion kilogram of milk.

Dairy Cows Photo

Dairy Cows Photo

Facts about Dairy Cows 3: the number of cows

Even though the production of milk in 2007 in United was bigger than in 1950, the number of cows in 2007 was only 9 millions. On the other hand, the industry employed 13 million of cows in 1950s.

Facts about Dairy Cows 4: where to find dairy cows?

You can find the dairy cows in various commercial farms and dairy farms. The social culture as well as the landholding culture is the important factor which determines the size of herd.

Dairy Cows Image

Dairy Cows Image

Facts about Dairy Cows 5: the number of cows in United States

There are around 75,000 dairy herds located in United States. There are 120 cows in each herd.

Facts about Dairy Cows 6: the number of dairy herd in United Kingdom

There are around 1.5 million cows in United Kingdom. Each farm in the country has around 100 herds of cows.

Dairy Cows Pic

Dairy Cows Pic

Facts about Dairy Cows 7: the number of dairy cows in New Zealand

Each herd in New Zealand consists of 375 cows. On the other hand, 220 cows are found in each herd in Australia.

Facts about Dairy Cows 8: breeding

The beef bull or dairy bull will be bred with a dairy cow. Therefore, the dairy cow will produce calves and maintain its lactation. Check facts about crabs here.

Facts about Dairy Cows

Facts about Dairy Cows

Facts about Dairy Cows 9: the life span

The cows used to produce milk hardly live longer. In most cases, the domestic cows have the life span up to 20 years.

Facts about Dairy Cows 10: beef marketing

The dairy cows usually will be sold for beef after it is eliminated from the dairy herd at the age of 4. Find facts about crayfish here.

Dairy Cows

Dairy Cows

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