10 Facts about Dairy Products

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If you want to know the types of food produced from milk, look at Facts about Dairy Products. The main ingredient is the milk of mammals. It can be the milk from horses, cows, goats, buffaloes, domestic buffaloes, camels, yaks, and sheep. Cow is considered as the primary producer of milk in most farms in the world. Here are the interesting facts about dairy products to note:

Facts about Dairy Products 1: the facilities

The dairy factory or dairy is a term used to call the facility to process the milk.

Facts about Dairy Products 2: where to find the dairy products?

The Central Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern and European cuisines often employ the usage of dairy products. It is very hard to find out the dairy products in the Southeast Asian and East Asian cuisines.

Dairy Product

Dairy Product

Facts about Dairy Products 3: the milk production

The commercial production of milk in the world is dominated by the milk of cows even though all female mammals can generate milk.

Facts about Dairy Products 4:  the cow milk

More than 85 percent of milk produced in the world was mainly from cows. It was based on the report of FAO in 2011.

Dairy Product Pic

Dairy Product Pic

Facts about Dairy Products 5: the human milk

The commercial and industrial production of human milk is not distributed. But there are human milk banks which receive human milk donation used to support the infants who have metabolic diseases, allergies or premature neonates.

Facts about Dairy Products 6: the most common type of milk

The most common type of milk that you can find in the market is the cow milk. It can be found mostly in the western world.

Dairy Product Images

Dairy Product Images

Facts about Dairy Products 7: the production of commercial milk

The dairy farming employs the automated milking equipment in their dairy farms. To get the high amount of milk, the industries select their cow breed carefully. Get facts about Culinary Arts here.

Facts about Dairy Products 8: the Holstein

The Holstein is very popular to use in the dairy farm because of the high amount of produced milk.

Dairy Products Image

Dairy Products Image

Facts about Dairy Products 9: butter

Besides milk, another dairy product is butter. The butterfat will be separated from the buttermilk. Butter in used for various purposes such as in pan frying, sauce making, baking and cooking. Get facts about Dairy Queen here.

Facts about Dairy Products 10: other types of dairy products

Other types of dairy products are cheese, clabber, ice cream, yogurt, gelato, and many more.

Facts about Dairy Products

Facts about Dairy Products

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