10 Facts about Dairy Queen

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Facts about Dairy Queen inform the readers with one of the famous fast food businesses in America. The owner of Dairy Queen is International Dairy Queen Inc. People often call Dairy Queen as DQ. The location of the first restaurant of dairy Queen was in Joliet, Illinois. On 22nd June 1940, the business was opened for the first time under the operation of Sherb Noble. Let’s check other interesting facts about Dairy Queen below:

Facts about Dairy Queen 1: the products sold in Dairy Queen

There are numerous types of frozen products served by Dairy Queen. The soft serve ice cream is one of them.

Facts about Dairy Queen 2: the corporate offices

Dairy Queen also has corporate offices. They are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dairy Queen Image

Dairy Queen Image

Facts about Dairy Queen 3: the formula of soft serve ice cream

John Fremont McCullough and his son Bradley developed the first formula of soft serve ice cream in 1938. Sherb Noble was a friend of them who was convinced to sell their soft serve ice cream in his store.

Facts about Dairy Queen 4: the popularity

Noble tried to sell the soft serve ice cream in his store located in Kankakee, Illinois. In only 2 hours, there were 1,600 servings for the customers.

Dairy Queen Pictures

Dairy Queen Pictures

Facts about Dairy Queen 5: the first store of Dairy Queen

Since the soft serve ice cream was very popular among the customers, the first Dairy Queen was opened by Noble and the McCulloughs in Joliet, Illinois in 1940.

Facts about Dairy Queen 6: the building

Now the building is considered as a designated landmark in the city. The location is at 501 N Chicago St. Since 1950s, the building has not been operated anymore by Dairy Queen.

Facts about Dairy Queen

Facts about Dairy Queen

Facts about Dairy Queen 7: the expansion

You can see how Dairy Queen expanded globally? The franchise system has been employed to spread this chain since 1940. Texas has the most Dairy Queen restaurants. Look at Cotton Candy facts here.

Facts about Dairy Queen 8: the parent company

Dairy Queen is owned by a parent company called Dairy Queen International. The American Dairy Queen operates the Dairy Queen restaurants in United States.

Dairy Queen Products

Dairy Queen Products

Facts about Dairy Queen 9: Dairy Queen in 2014

Dairy Queen had 4,500 stores in United States at the end of 2014. The number of stores that it owned in the world including in United States was around 6,400 stores. Get facts about cream cheese here.

Facts about Dairy Queen 10: the first Dairy Queen in Canada

In 1953, the first Dairy Queen was established in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Dairy Queen pic

Dairy Queen pic

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