10 Facts about Daisies

Sunday, June 5th 2016. | Plants

If you love with flowers, look at the Facts about Daisies. Some people often call it composite, sunflower family, aster or asteraceae. The flowering plants are very popular in the world due to their wonderful beauty and color. The number of species of daisies reaches 23,600. When you spot daisies from a far away distance, it looks like having a single flower. Actually the involucral bracts are located around the flower heads. Let’s find out other interesting facts about daisies below:

Facts about Daisies 1: the common species of daisy in Europe

The common species of daisy in Europe is Bellis perennis. It is included in the family of Asteraceae.

Facts about Daisies 2: the qualifications

There were several plants called daisy. Therefore, the people use the term English daisy, lawn daisy or common daisy to differentiate it from other types of daisies.

Daisies Facts

Daisies Facts

Facts about Daisies 3: the other names

The common daisy is historically called as woundwort and bruisewort. Now the former one is often linked with Stachys.

Facts about Daisies 4: the origin of Bellis perennis

The origin of the common daisy or Bellis perennis is from northern, central and western Europe.  Now you also find them in Australasia and Americas.

Daisies Images

Daisies Images

Facts about Daisies 5: where to find daisies?

The common daisies can be found mainly on the lawns. They are recognized as the invasive weeds when the people spot them on a lawn. It is not easy to remove the daisies by mowing.

Facts about Daisies 6: the flower head

There are many sessile flowers located on the composite flower heads of daisies. The diameter is around 2 till 3 cm. The disk floret is in yellow tone with white ray florets.

Daisies Pictures

Daisies Pictures

Facts about Daisies 7: the blooming time

During the early to the midsummer season, the common daisies bloom. In the middle of mild winters, the plant only generates few flowers. Find facts about corn here.

Facts about Daisies 8: the zone

If you are interested to grow daisies, make sure that the area has the zone 4 to 8. The people love daisies because they are beautiful and easy to maintain.

Daisies Pic

Daisies Pic

Facts about Daisies 9: the garden

Even though daisies are invasive, people still love them for their authentic cottage or English garden. Get facts about daffodils here.

Facts about Daisies 10: a name

Daisy is often used by the people to name their baby girl. It is considered as the flower of innocence and children.

Facts about Daisies

Facts about Daisies

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