10 Facts about Daisy Bates

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Facts about Daisy Bates will tell you about the notable American civil right activist. She was born on 11th November 1914 and died on 4th November 1999. Her full name is Daisy Lee Gatson Bates.  Besides being recognized as a civil right activist, Bates was also a lecturer, journalist and publisher. Most people knew her due to the 1957 Little Rock Integration Crisis where she became the leader. Get other interesting facts about Daisy Bates below:

Facts about Daisy Bates 1: the early life

Let’s find out the early life of Bates. She was raised in a small sawmill town called Huttig. It was located in southern Arkansas.

Facts about Daisy Bates 2: who raised her?

Who raised Bates? Her father’s friends raised her. The three local white men killed her birth mother. Bates narrated the story in “The Death of my Mother”. Get facts about CS Lewis here.

Daisy Bates Image

Daisy Bates Image

Facts about Daisy Bates 3: anger

Bates was filled with a lot of anger when she realized that her birth mother was killed by white men and did nothing about it.  Orlee Smith was the adoptive father of Bates who narrated the story on how her mother was killed in his death bed.

Facts about Daisy Bates 4: dating

On 4th March 1942, Bates married her future husband.  Both began to date when Daisy was only 15 years old. Look at Facts about Cornelia Funke here.

Daisy Bates Pic

Daisy Bates Pic

Facts about Daisy Bates 5: the election

Daisy Bates reached the position as the president in Arkansas Conference of NAACP branches in 1952 after she won the election.

Facts about Daisy Bates 6: Arkansas State Press

As I have stated before, Daisy was also a journalist and a publisher. She wanted to have her own newspaper. Therefore, she started a weekly statewide newspaper called Arkansas State Press. On 9th May 1941, the first issue of the newspaper was published.

Facts about Daisy Bates

Facts about Daisy Bates

Facts about Daisy Bates 7: the importance of Arkansas State Press

Arkansas State Press was important to support the African American activism. The front page of the newspaper was filled with stories about civil rights. Then it was used as the national voice for civil rights movement.

Facts about Daisy Bates 8: Brown v. Board of Education

Brown v. Board of Education was an important case in the history of America. During the case, the segregated schools were pronounced illegal by United States Supreme Court in 1954. However, the African Americans were rejected by the schools in Arkansas.

Daisy Bates

Daisy Bates

Facts about Daisy Bates 9: the public schools in Arkansas

Bates used her newspaper to fight against the illegal segregated schools.

Facts about Daisy Bates 10: the reform

Bates urged the officials to apply reformation on the education system in Arkansas.

Daisy Bates Pictures

Daisy Bates Pictures

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