10 Facts about Daisy Meadows

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Facts about Daisy Meadows talk about the collective pseudonym used to call the author of Rainbow Magic. There are a number of authors who write the fiction brand of books for children. Several books are illustrated by Georgie Ripper. Other books are illustrated by other unaccredited illustrators such as Alison Winfield. Let’s check other interesting facts about Daisy Meadows below:

Facts about Daisy Meadows 1: Working Partners

Working Partners were the original creator of Rainbow Magic. HIT Entertainment is the recent owner of Rainbow Magic.

Facts about Daisy Meadows 2: the story of Rainbow Magic

The story of Rainbow Magic is centered on the magical adventures of Rachel Walker, Kirsty Tate and their fairy friends.

Daisy Meadows Books

Daisy Meadows Books

Facts about Daisy Meadows 3: the popular books

Daisy Meadows creates Rainbow Magic. It is considered as one of the most popular books in the world. When kids go to the libraries, they will like to borrow the book.

Facts about Daisy Meadows 4: Rainbow Magic in the libraries

In 2010, the most borrowed book in the libraries in United Kingdom was Rainbow Magic.

Daisy Meadows Facts

Daisy Meadows Facts

Facts about Daisy Meadows 5: Rainbow Magic in United States

In United States, Rainbow Magic is also popular. Scholastic Inc. releases the book series in the country.

Facts about Daisy Meadows 6: the main characters in Rainbow Magic

The primary characters in Rainbow Magic include Rachel Walker and Kirsty Tate. The latter character lives in Wetherbury Village, while the former one lives in Tippington Town.

Daisy Meadows Images

Daisy Meadows Images

Facts about Daisy Meadows 7: the enemy

The enemy of the fairies is Jack Frost. He lives in Ice Castle. Other characters include King Oberon, Queen Titania, and The Goblins.

Facts about Daisy Meadows 8: who are the authors?

There are various authors who write Rainbow Magic books under the pseudonym Daisy Meadows. Those include Narinder Dhami, Linda Chapman, Tracey West, Mandy Archer, Sue Bentley, Rachel Elliot and Rachel Elliot. Find facts about Chris Crutcher here.

Daisy Meadows Pictures

Daisy Meadows Pictures

Facts about Daisy Meadows 9: a special thank

The indication of the primary author of the book can be seen from special thanks in the book.

Facts about Daisy Meadows 10: the number of books

Since 2003, there have been more than 150 books of Rainbow Magic published in the market. On 7th May 2010, Rainbow Magic: Return to Rainspell Island was released in United Kingdom. It was a DTV anime movie. It was aired in Japan too. Get facts about Coretta Scott King here.

Facts about Daisy Meadows

Facts about Daisy Meadows

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