10 Facts about Dalai Lama

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Facts about Dalai Lama will tell you about a monk of the Gelug. Tenzin Gyatso is the recent Dalai Lama. He is the 14th one. Je Tsongkapa established this new school of Tibetan Buddhism. The people believe that Dalai Lama is the incarnation of Avalokitesvara. The word dalai means ocean, while the word lama means guru. Let’s check other interesting facts about Dalai Lama below:

Facts about Dalai Lama 1: Tibetan government

The Tibetan government was under the control of Dalai Lama and their regents in 1642 until 1950s in Lhasa. In 1705 until 1750, they did not control the government.

Facts about Dalai Lama 2: the protection and patronage

The protection and patronage were awarded for the Tibetan Government under Dalai Lama from Manchu-led Qing dynasty, Dzungar Khanates and Khoshut. The two latter ones were the Mongol Kings.

Dalai Lama Images

Dalai Lama Images

Facts about Dalai Lama 3: Avalokitesvara

Have you ever heard about Avalokitesvara? Dalai Lama is considered as his incarnation. Avalokitesvara is known to have a special relationship with the Tibetan people. He was the bodhisattva of compassion.

Facts about Dalai Lama 4: the belief

The belief that Dalai Lama was incarnated into Avalokitesvara was seen in the Book of Kadam.  The Kadampa teachings were compiled in the book.

Dalai Lama Pictures

Dalai Lama Pictures

Facts about Dalai Lama 5: the first Dalai Lama

‘Pema Dorje’ was the first Dalai Lama. In 1391, he was born in Shabtod, Tsang. He came from a small and humble family.

Facts about Dalai Lama 6: the conflict

here was an open conflict after the 4th Dalai Lama passed away in 1617. Then the search for the fifth Dalai Lama began. The boy was Lobsang Gyatso from a noble Zahor family.

Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama


Facts about Dalai Lama 7: the 6th Dalai Lama

In 1685, the 6th Dalai Lama was picked out. In 1697, he was enthroned as Dalai Lama. It was very surprising for he rejected the full ordination after he studied as a novice monk for 16 years. Find facts about Cornel West here.

Facts about Dalai Lama 8: as a layman

The sixth Dalai Lama wanted to become a layman and removed his monastic life and robe.


Facts about Dalai Lama

Facts about Dalai Lama

Facts about Dalai Lama 9: the seventh Dalai Lama

The local Tibetans claimed that a child born at Lithanng called Kelzang Gyatso was the Avalokitesvara. Get facts about Austin Dabney here.

Facts about Dalai Lama 10: Kelzang Gyatso

Kelzang Gyatso kept his birth name as the 7th Dalai Lama in 1712. He was in Lithang monastery to avoid the Lhazang Khan.

Dalai Lama Pic

Dalai Lama Pic

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