10 Facts about Dale Chihuly

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If you are interested to know more about the American glass sculptor, check Facts about Dale Chihuly. He was born on 20th September 1941. Chihuly focuses on the usage of glass as his art medium.  He creates unique art using the blown glass. His works are totally difficult to make due to the glass as the main medium. It is not easy for the people to work with glass. Let me show you more about Chihuly in the following post below:

Facts about Dale Chihuly 1: the parents

His mother was Viola Magnuson, while his father was George Chihuly. The birthplace of Dale was in Tacoma, Washington.

Facts about Dale Chihuly 2: the sibling of Dale

George Chihuly was the only sibling that Dale had. However, he had to lose George for he passed away in Pensacola, Florida in a training accident in Navy Air Force in 1956.

Dale Chihuly Art

Dale Chihuly Art

Facts about Dale Chihuly 3: the death of his father

The father of Chihuly died when he was 52 years old because of a heart attack in 1957. It was two years after the death of his only sibling.

Facts about Dale Chihuly 4: the education

In 1959, Chihuly graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. Actually he had no interest to have higher education. But he decided to attend at the College of Puget Sound after his mother urged him to continue his study. Get facts about dadaism here.

Facts about Dale Chihuly

Facts about Dale Chihuly

Facts about Dale Chihuly 5: interior design

He studied interior design after he was transferred to University of Washington in Seattle in the following year.

Facts about Dale Chihuly 6: glass

Chihuly was interested with glass after he learned how to fuse and melt it in 1961. He decided to go to Florence to study art after dropping from the school in 1962. Get facts about Craig Martin here.

Dale Chihuly Pictures

Dale Chihuly Pictures

Facts about Dale Chihuly 7: return to study

He decided to return and study again after he met architect Robert Landsman when both were in Middle East. He infused the glass shards into tapestries in 1963 after he had a weaving class. In 1964, his work was awarded in Seattle Weavers Guild.

Facts about Dale Chihuly 8: graduation

In 1965, Chihuly received a Bachelor Degree of Art from University of Washington in interior design. He earned a full scholarship from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1966. In the previous year, he had glassblowing experiment.

Dale Chihuly Images

Dale Chihuly Images

Facts about Dale Chihuly 9: the first glass program

The first glass program was applied in University of Wisconsin-Madison. The teacher of Chihuly was Harvey Littleton.

Facts about Dale Chihuly 10: a master degree

Chihuly earned his master degree of science in sculpture in 1967.

Dale Chihuly Facts

Dale Chihuly Facts

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