10 Facts about Dale Earnhardt Sr

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Facts about Dale Earnhardt Sr give the interesting information about the American race car driver and team owner. People call him Dale Earnhardt in the professional field. In 1975, Earnhardt started his racing career when he participated in Winston Cup Series in World 600. People often recognized him due to his contribution in stock car racing for NASCAR. Let’s check other interesting facts about Earnhardt below:

Facts about Dale Earnhardt Sr 1: a NASCAR driver

In the history of NASCAR, Earnhardt is considered as one of the prominent race car drivers. During his career as a race car driver, he had collected 76 Winston Cup races.

Facts about Dale Earnhardt Sr 2: the nickname

Earnhardt is nicknamed as The Intimidator because he owned an aggressive driving style on the field.

Dale Earnhardt Sr Facts

Dale Earnhardt Sr Facts

Facts about Dale Earnhardt Sr 3: NASCAR Winston Cup championships

NASCAR Winston Cup is one of the prominent achievements for a race car driver. Earnhardt had a tied position with Richard Petty for both earned 7 NASCAR Winston Cup championships.

Facts about Dale Earnhardt Sr 4: the death of Earnhardt

People were shocked with the sudden death of Earnhardt during the final lap in Daytona 500 in February 2001. He crashed his car and had basilar skull fracture which made him died at once.

Facts about Dale Earnhardt Sr

Facts about Dale Earnhardt Sr

Facts about Dale Earnhardt Sr 5: the hall of fame

Due to his amazing contribution in the racing industry, there is no need to wonder that his name has been induced in various halls of fame. In 2010, his name was inducted in NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Facts about Dale Earnhardt Sr 6: the birth date

Earnhardt was born on 29th April 1951 in Kannapolis, North Carolina. His parents were Martha Coleman and Ralph Earnhardt. He was the third child in the family.



Facts about Dale Earnhardt Sr 7: the father of Earnhardt

It seems that the racing blood is in the family of Earnhardt. In North Carolina, his father earned the reputation as one of the best short track drivers. Actually his father did not want Earnhardt to become a driver.

Facts about Dale Earnhardt Sr 8: the early career of Earnhardt

In 1975, Earnhardt made his early career with Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina in Winston Cup. At the end of the race, he finished in 22nd place. Look at facts about Dale Earnhardt Jr here.

Dale Earnhardt Sr Images

Dale Earnhardt Sr Images

Facts about Dale Earnhardt Sr 9: Daytona 500

On 18th February 2001, Earnhardt participated in Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway. During the final lap, he had three-car accident. His car made a small contact with Sterling Marlin before he smashed Ken Schrader.

Facts about Dale Earnhardt Sr 10: the funeral service

The public funeral service for Earnhardt was conducted at Calvary Church in Charlotte, North Carolina on 22nd February 2001. Get facts about Dallas Cowboys here.

Dale Earnhardt Sr Image

Dale Earnhardt Sr Image

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