10 Facts about Daleks

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Facts about Daleks talk about one of the unique characters you can find in Doctor Who. It is the science fiction TV program in Britain. The Daleks are the extraterrestrial race of mutants which appeared for the first time in 1963. Terry Nation was the science fiction author who visualized the characters, while Raymond Cusick designed the shells. Let’s check other interesting facts about the Daleks below:

Facts about Daleks 1: the inspirations

The characters of Daleks were inspired from the NAZI. The race of mutants tried to invade earth and exterminate the inferior race. The cyborg aliens had no mercy and pity.

Facts about Daleks 2: the famous catchphrase

Daleks were popular among the people who love with British popular culture. The notable catchphrase spoken by the Daleks was “Exterminate!”

Daleks Facts

Daleks Facts

Facts about Daleks 3: Davros

Davros was the scientist who engineered the Daleks. At that time, the Kaleds had to fight against the Thals. Due to the nuclear war, some Kaleds had mutation. Therefore, Davros tried to transform the mutated Kaleds into a robotic shell and tank like creatures called the Daleks.

Facts about Daleks 4: the view of the Daleks

The Daleks wanted to exterminate all non Dalek life in the universe because they viewed themselves as the superior creature.

Daleks Images

Daleks Images

Facts about Daleks 5: the enemy of the Daleks

In Doctor Who, the primary enemy of the Daleks was The Doctor. He was the Time Lord who served as the protagonist in this scientific TV program. 

Facts about Daleks 6: the brutal Time War

The brutal Time War occurred between Time Lords and the Daleks. The battle between both parties happened in different historical eras. Check facts about Cookie Monster here.



Facts about Daleks 7: the popularity

Even though the Daleks were the antagonist character in the TV program, they were popular among the viewers.

Facts about Daleks 8: a huge hit

Since the first introduction of the Daleks in 1963, they became a hug hit among Doctor Who’s fans. There is no need to wonder that they featured in motions pictures and serials. Get facts about Count Dracula here.

Facts about Daleks

Facts about Daleks

Facts about Daleks 9: identification

The popularity of the Daleks can be seen among the kids too. Nine of 10 kids in Britain could identify the Daleks correctly based on a 2008 survey.

Facts about Daleks 10: a postage stamp

There was a postage stamp of Britain which featured a Dalek photo taken by Lord Snowdon in 1999.

Dalek Pictures

Dalek Pictures

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