10 Facts about Dalits

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Facts about Dalits inform you with a caste in SAARC region. In South Asia, the word Dalit means oppressed. In 19th century, the word Dalits has been existed even though this term was popular because of the B.R. Ambedkar. He was a reformer and economist. In the Varna system, Dalit was not included. But it was considered as the fifth Varna, but it was not mentioned. The Dalits were often called as Panchama. Check other interesting facts about Dalits below:

Facts about Dalits 1: the legal name

Dalit is often called as the untouchable. The legal name for the untouchable people is SC or scheduled castes. However, the Dalits are included in ST or scheduled tribes too.

Facts about Dalits 2: the Dalit people

There are different groups from South Asia encompassed in the Dalits. They embrace different religions. The languages spoken by the Dalits are various too.

Dalits Pictures

Dalits Pictures

Facts about Dalits 3: the Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes

Based on the report in 2011, the Indian population is made by 25 percent of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes. The former ones account for 16.6 percent, while the latter ones are 8.6 percent.

Facts about Dalits 4: Prevention of Atrocity

On 31st March 1995, Prevention of Atrocity or POA was enacted by the government in India to prevent any criminal act, discrimination, harassment and assault on the Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes.

Dalits Image

Dalits Image

Facts about Dalits 5: the education

The education for the Dalits was offered by the government of India since it gained independence in 1947.  The country also gives jobs for them.

Facts about Dalits 6: Dalits in the Indian government

Dalits take over 17.2 percent of the government sector in India by 1995.

Dalits Facts

Dalits Facts

Facts about Dalits 7: K. R. Narayanan

The Dalits president in the nation was elected in 1997. He was K.R. Narayanan.

Facts about Dalits 8: the social organizations

There are various social organizations in India which try to increase the life of the Dalits. They try to focus on the improvement of employment, healthcare and education of the Dalits. Get facts about child labor in India here.



Facts about Dalits 9: where to find the Dalits

The Dalits are not only found in India. The similar groups can be found in other countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Look at facts about ancient India here.

Facts about Dalits 10: emigration

Some Dalits decided to emigrate from their home country to Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Caribbean, South Africa and Malaysia.

Facts about Dalits

Facts about Dalits

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