10 Facts about Dallas Cowboys

Thursday, June 9th 2016. | Sports

Let me show you the professional American football team on facts about Dallas Cowboys. Dallas Cowboys is situated in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.  The base of the club is located in Valley Ranch, Irving, Texas. In 2016, the report states that the base will be relocated to Frisco, Texas. Let’s check other interesting facts about Dallas Cowboys below:

Facts about Dallas Cowboys 1: the home games

The home games for Dallas Cowboys are hosted in Arlington Texas.  The stadium is called AT&T Stadium. During the 2009 season, the stadium was opened for the first time.

Facts about Dallas Cowboys 2: NFL

Dallas Cowboys plays for NFL. In 1960, it was in NFL only as an expansion team. Now Dallas Cowboys has a wonderful consecutive sell outs in the record of NFL. Look at facts about Cricket Bats here.

Dallas Cowboys Images

Dallas Cowboys Images

Facts about Dallas Cowboys 3: the Super Bowl appearance

The Super Bowl appearance is very important in a team. It appears eight times and wins five of them.

Facts about Dallas Cowboys 4: the value of Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys is a valuable team. Based on Forbes, the value of Dallas Cowboys was $4 billion in 2015. It was considered as the first team to reach the big amount of value. Look at facts about Chris Paul here.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Facts about Dallas Cowboys 5: the revenue

The report in 2014 stated that the revenue gained by this sport team reached $620 million.

Facts about Dallas Cowboys 6: the head coach

Jason Garret replaced Phillips as the interim head coach in 2010 season. The last score achieved by the team was 6-10 in that season.

Dallas Cowboys Pictures

Dallas Cowboys Pictures

Facts about Dallas Cowboys 7: the opening night season in 2012

During the opening night season in 2012, Dallas Cowboys fought against New York Giants with the result 24-17. It was a wonderful record for Dallas Cowboys since the defending Super Bowl Champion was defeated by the team.

Facts about Dallas Cowboys 8: Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens was capable for making Dallas Cowboys defeated with the score at 31-29. The game was conducted in Baltimore at M&T Bank Stadium.

Facts about Dallas Cowboys

Facts about Dallas Cowboys

Facts about Dallas Cowboys 9: Dallas Cowboys’ logo

One of the most recognized logos in a professional sport is owned by Dallas Cowboys. It is called The Lone Star State represented by the blue star logo.

Facts about Dallas Cowboys 10: the design of AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium is located in Arlington, Texas.  This domed stadium features a retractable roof. In the past, it is called Cowboys Stadium.

Giants Cowboys Football

Giants Cowboys Football

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