10 Facts about Dallas Texas

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If you want to know the interesting information about a major city in Texas, look at Facts about Dallas Texas. In United States, Dallas is considered as the fourth most populous metropolis area. Dallas is famous as the center of cotton and oil industries. The historical significance of Dallas contributed to the American history.

Facts about Dallas Texas 1: the county seat

The county seat in Dallas is located in Dallas County. Other counties include Rockwall, Kaufman, Collin and Denton Counties.

Facts about Dallas Texas 2: the people who live in Dallas

Can you guess the people who live in Dallas? They are 1,197,816 people based on the census in 2010. On 1st July 2015, Dallas was a home to 1,300,092 people. Get facts about Cusco here.

Dallas Texas Facts

Dallas Texas Facts

Facts about Dallas Texas 3: the metropolitan area in Dallas

The Metropolitan area in Dallas is amazing for it gives the people a lot of jobs. There are 3,498,200 jobs available in Dallas as of April 2016.

Facts about Dallas Texas 4: the economy in Dallas

The economy in Dallas is centered on various sectors such as energy, technology, telecommunication, commerce, banking, logistics, transportation, medical research and healthcare.

Dallas Texas at Night

Dallas Texas at Night

Facts about Dallas Texas 5: the development of Dallas

The development of Dallas as a metropolitan area cannot be separated from the railroad line construction. The construction enables the people to access the North and East Texas. That’s why the oil, cattle and cotton industries flourished in the city.

Facts about Dallas Texas 6: the architectural buildings in Dallas

If you are visiting Dallas, you can spot many buildings reflected the modernist and postmodernist eras. But you can also see the buildings created in 19th and 20th century.

Dallas Texas Skylight

Dallas Texas Skylight

Facts about Dallas Texas 7: the famous buildings in Dallas

Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, I. M. Pei’s Dallas City Hall, the JFK Memorial and Reunion Tower are some the buildings in Dallas which reflect the modernist era. Comerica Bank Tower, Bank of America Plaza and Fountain Place reflect the postmodernist era.

Facts about Dallas Texas 8: the other architectural designs

You can also spot some buildings which reflect the neoclassical, Gothic revival and Victorian era.

Dallas Texas

Dallas Texas

Facts about Dallas Texas 9: the districts

Some of the notable districts in Dallas Texas are East Dallas, Bishop Arts District, Downtown, Knox-Henderson, Bluffview, Preston Hollow and Deep Ellum. Check facts about Cork City here.

Facts about Dallas Texas 10: the elevation

Dallas sits on the elevation at 137 to 168 meter or 450 to 550 feet.

Facts about Dallas Texas

Facts about Dallas Texas

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