10 Facts about Damilola Taylor

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Facts about Damilola Taylor inform the people with a Nigerian schoolboy. People began to recognize him after his death in England. He was 10 years old at that time. There was a very long trial conducted against several young boys who were suspected for killing Taylor. There were two brothers convicted for killing Taylor. Let’s get other facts about Damilola Taylor below:

Facts about Damilola Taylor 1: the birth date

Damilola Taylor was born on December 7th, 1989 in Lagos Nigeria. He died on November 27th, 2000. Richard and Gloria Taylor were the parents of Damilola.

Facts about Damilola Taylor 2: education

In August 2000, Taylor and his family moved to United Kingdom. The family decided to move from Nigeria to United Kingdom to give Gbemi, his sister proper treatment for epilepsy. Before Taylor was educated in UK, he was a student at Wisdom Montessori School, Lagos.

Facts about Damilola Taylor

Facts about Damilola Taylor

Facts about Damilola Taylor 3: moving to United Kingdom

In United Kingdom, Taylor and his family lived in North Peckham estate. Then he was educated in a local school.

Facts about Damilola Taylor 4: the life at school

Taylor developed great enthusiasm and ability when he was at the local school in United Kingdom. He was doing great at the school.

Damilola Taylor Murder Case

Damilola Taylor Murder Case

Facts about Damilola Taylor 5: being bullied

Taylor told his mother that he was beaten up three days before Taylor was found dead. Therefore, Mrs. Taylor decided to talk to Taylor’s teacher, Mr. Parsons about it.

Facts about Damilola Taylor 6: the death of Damilola Taylor

When he walked away from Peckham Library to reach his home at 4:51, he was seen on CCTV on November 27th, 2000. The left thigh of Taylor had a gash when he came close to North Peckham Estate. He was unconscious due to the severe bleeding when he was to run the stairwell. On the way to the hospital, Taylor was still alive. Look at Cicero facts here.

Damilola Taylor facts

Damilola Taylor facts

Facts about Damilola Taylor 7: the fatal wounds

The fatal wounds made Taylor died. There were several versions elaborated by the different forensic scientists to explain the death of Taylor.

Facts about Damilola Taylor 8: the accepted theory related to the death of Taylor

Metropolitan Police accepted the version where Taylor died because he was severely bleeding after being attacked and falling on a broken bottle.

Damilola Taylor Pic

Damilola Taylor Pic

Facts about Damilola Taylor 9: the new evidence

The new evidence found made two Preddie brothers and Hassan Jihad arrested by the police in 2005.

Facts about Damilola Taylor 10: the sentence

The Preddie brothers were sentenced for 8 years in youth custody on October 9th, 2006. Find facts about Claude McKay here.

Damilola Taylor Case

Damilola Taylor Case

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