10 Facts about Dams

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Facts about Dams talk about the underground stream or a barrier which carries the water. There are many functions of dam for it is equipped with a reservoir. The water in the dam can be used for aquaculture, human consumption, irrigation, navigability and industrial use. The flood can be suppressed too due to the presence of a dam. Here are other interesting facts about dam to notice:

Facts about Dams 1: electricity

Electricity can be generated in the areas near the dam if it is equipped with hydropower.

Facts about Dams 2: storage

The people can also use the dam for storing water. Then the fresh water can be distributed to near area located around the dam.

Dam Image

Dam Image

Facts about Dams 3: the main function of a dam

The people build a dam for various purposes. But the main one is used to retain the water. The regions susceptible to floods usually have a dam equipped with levees and floodgates. Both are used to control the water flow.

Facts about Dams 4: the ancient dam

The dam is not only found in the modern world. It was used in the ancient time too. The Middle East and Mesopotamia featured the early dams.

Facts about Dams

Facts about Dams

Facts about Dams 5: Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia featured a dam because the region was mainly affected by Euphrates and Tigris rivers. Therefore, the people needed a building or structure which managed the water flow.

Facts about Dams 6: the earliest recognized dam

Jawa Dam was situated around 62 miles or 100 km northeast of Amman, Jordan. It was considered as the earliest known dam in the world. It was formed in 3000 BC. The dam features the stone wall with the width at 3.3 feet and height at 30 feet. Find facts about Colonial Houses here.



Facts about Dams 7: another ancient dam

Another ancient dam was established in 2800 BC in Wadi Al-Garawi, Egypt. It was called Sadd-el-Kafara Dam. The width was 285 feet and length at 335 feet.

Facts about Dams 8: a wonderful dam in the ancient world

The Great Dam of Marib in Yemen is considered as one of the impressive buildings from the ancient time. The height was 13 feet and length was 1,900 feet. It was dated back in 1750 BC.

Dam Pic

Dam Pic

Facts about Dams 9: the tallest dam in the world

Tajikistan has the tallest dam in the world. It is called Nurek Dam with the height at 980 feet or 300 meter. Get facts about Croke Park here.

Facts about Dams 10: how to control flooding

The people who live in the region susceptible to flooding can build a dry dam. It is mainly used as a flood retarding structure.

Dam Images

Dam Images

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