10 Facts about Damselflies

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Facts about Damselflies present the interesting information about insects in the order Odonata and suborder Zygoptera. If you compare damselflies with dragonflies, both are a little bit similar. However, damselflies have slimmer and smaller bodies. When they are at rest, most species of damselflies will have the wings folded. You can find them living in various regions in the world. But you will never find damselflies in Antarctica. Let’s check other interesting facts about damselflies below:

Facts about Damselflies 1: the predatory damselflies

The nymph of damselflies can be found in different kinds of freshwater habitats. You can spot them living in rivers, lakes, ponds, acid bogs. All of them are aquatic.

Facts about Damselflies 2: the courtship behavior

The courtship behavior of damselflies is often elaborate and unique.

Damselflies Images

Damselflies Images

Facts about Damselflies 3: the dimorphism

The sexual dimorphism is spotted between the male and female damselfly. The male damselfly has brighter color than the female damselfly.

Facts about Damselflies 4: the reproduction

The reproduction of damselfly is conducted by having delayed fertilization and indirect insemination. The reproduction process is similar with dragonflies.

Damselflies Pic

Damselflies Pic

Facts about Damselflies 5: the mating process

As I have stated before, damselfly has elaborate or unique courtship. The wheel or heart shaped form will be made by the mating pair.

Facts about Damselflies 6: the usage of damselfly

The people like to use damselfly as the brooches and other personal jewelry due to the unique and colorful look. When the people conduct the wet fly fishing, they often employ the damselfly nymphs.

Damselflies Pictures

Damselflies Pictures

Facts about Damselflies 7: the polluted water

The level of pollution in the water can be measured by looking at the damselflies in the area. The water is in good quality if you can find damselflies. Find facts about Daddy Long Legs here.

Facts about Damselflies 8: the diet of damselflies

Can you mention some foods that damselflies like to eat? They will like to hunt small insects, mosquitoes and flies. Damselflies use the spiny legs to pick the prey off the low vegetation and grasses. The prey selected by damselflies usually is in the similar size so that they can overpower them. The water fleas are considered as the main food for damselfly nymphs.



Facts about Damselflies 9: the predators

There are several predators which try to hunt damselfly. Those include frogs, fish, birds, water beetles, other damselflies, giant water bugs, backswimmers and water spiders. Get facts about Dalmatians here.

Facts about Damselflies 10: Damselfly in popular culture

It was used as a title of a poem, novel and short film. Ben O’Connor was a director of a 2005 movie entitled Damselfly.

Facts about Damselflies

Facts about Damselflies

Are you impressed after reading facts about Damselfly?

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