10 Facts about Dan Bilzerian

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If you are attracted to know more about the famous American social media personality, check Facts about Dan Bilzerian. Bilzerian was born on 7th December 1980 in Tampa, Florida. His full name is Dan Brandon Bilzerian. He stated that the Armenian Genocide killed half of his Bilzerian family. Dan has one brother. His name is Adam. His mother is Terri Steffen, while his father is Paul Bilzerian. Find out other interesting facts about Bilzerian below:

Facts about Dan Bilzerian 1: the job of his father

In the past, his father worked on Wall Street as a corporate raider. He had Armenian descent.

Facts about Dan Bilzerian 2: the training program in Navy SEAL

Bilzerian could not graduate from the training program in Navy Seal even though he had made some attempts to pass the program. In 2000, he joined the training program. Look at facts about Connor Franta here.

Dan Bilzerian Facts

Dan Bilzerian Facts

Facts about Dan Bilzerian 3: the failure

Bilzerian failed the training program in Navy SEAL due to the safety violation in the shooting range. It was revealed by a reporter who made a research about it.

Facts about Dan Bilzerian 4: gambling career

Bilzerian made his gambling career after he took the 180th place in World Series of Poker Main Event in 2009.

Dan Bilzerian Photo

Dan Bilzerian Photo

Facts about Dan Bilzerian 5: Bluff Magazine

In Bluff Magazine, Bilzerian took the title as one of the funnies poker players based on the votes on Twitter.

Facts about Dan Bilzerian 6: the pay back winning

Bradley Ruderman was a Ponzi scheme operator who had stolen money. Then he was jailed because of his criminal action. Bilzerian, Gabe Kaplan, Nick Cassavetes and Tobey Maguire were some notable people who won against Ruderman in poker games. Therefore, the people asked them to pay back the winning that they earned from Ruderman to pay back the victims in November 2011. Look at facts about Chris Hadfield here.

Dan Bilzerian Pictures

Dan Bilzerian Pictures

Facts about Dan Bilzerian 7: racing

At Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Bilzerian and Tom Goldstein raced each other on 9th March 2011.

Facts about Dan Bilzerian 8: the cars

During the race, Tom Goldstein drove a Ferrari 458 Italia. On the other hand, a 1965 AC Cobra was used by Bilzerian.

Facts about Dan Bilzerian

Facts about Dan Bilzerian

Facts about Dan Bilzerian 9: the cameos

Bilzerian becomes a cameo actor in some movies. In Lone Survivor, he became Sr. Chief Healy. In Olympus Has Fallen, he took part as a stuntman.

Facts about Dan Bilzerian 10: health

The media reported that before he reached 32 years old, he had faced 3 heart attacks. It was due to the heavy drug abuse and luxury lifestyle.

Dan Bilzerian Pic

Dan Bilzerian Pic

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