10 Facts about Dance

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If you love to know more about a performance art, look at Facts about Dance. Do you like dancing? It is one of the interesting activities that you can do. You can have a free formed dancing if you have no talent to become a professional dancer. It is not an easy job to become a professional dancer because you have to spend years of training. A dance is created based sequences of human movement. The dancer is considered as the performer of a particular dance. Why don’t you check other interesting facts about dance below?

Facts about Dance 1: culture and dance

Dance can be seen as a part of culture due to the symbolic value and aesthetic movements.

Facts about Dance 2: how to categorize dance

There are several ways conducted by the people to categorize dance. It can be identified based on the place of origin, repertoire of movement, choreography and historical period.

Facts about Dance

Facts about Dance

Facts about Dance 3: the participatory dance

The participatory dance can be spotted in several cultures in the world. It may concern with ceremonial or social value. Other dances may employ the liturgical, sacred, martial or even competitive value.

Facts about Dance 4: other types of human movement

There are several types of human movement in the world which employ the dance like movement. Those include the athletic sport, synchronized swimming, figure skating, gymnastic and martial art.



Facts about Dance 5: the virtuoso dancers

The virtuoso dancers will perform a theatrical dance or concert dance on a big stage. The performance is commercially for public consumption. The dance movement in the theatrical performance usually is the interpretation of the music accompaniment. The scenery, costume or mime will help the dancers to tell the story to the audiences.

Facts about Dance 6: the examples of theatrical dances

Some interesting theatrical dances to watch are Japanese, Chinese and classical Indian dances. You can also spot the modern dance and western ballet telling story too.

Dance Pictures

Dance Pictures

Facts about Dance 7: the type of participatory dance

A group dance, social dance and a folk dance are included as the types of participatory dances. The participants can make a square dance, chain, circle or in line dance.

Facts about Dance 8: the early dance in India

The early dance may start based on the 9,000 year old paintings at Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka in India. Find facts about Constantine Stanislavsky here.

Dance Images

Dance Images

Facts about Dance 9: the dancing figures in Egypt

Circa 3300 BC, dancing was recognized in ancient Egypt based on the dancing figures found an Egyptian tomb.

Facts about Dance 10: music

Music and dance cannot be separated. Music is used as the accompaniment of dance.

Dance Facts

Dance Facts

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