10 Facts about Dance Moms

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If you want to know the American reality TV series, check Facts about Dance Moms. On 13th July 2011, Dance Moms had the premier on Lifetime. The TV series focuses on how the kids are trained to dance at the beginning. Abby Lee Miller is the tutelage portrayed in the series. You can also spot how Miller has to handle the mothers of the kids during the training process. Collins Avenue Productions create Dance Moms. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Dance Moms below:

Facts about Dance Moms 1: competition

The mothers of the kids enrolled in the training program in the TV series are bickering. They often use the children to compete with the other mothers.

Facts about Dance Moms 2: the 6th season

In 2016, the Dance Moms is aired for the 6th season. People still love the show.

Facts about Dance Moms

Facts about Dance Moms

Facts about Dance Moms 3: the setting location

There are several setting locations in Dance Moms. It is filmed in California, Los Angeles, Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh.

Facts about Dance Moms 4: Abby Lee Dance Company studios

Abby Lee Dance Company studios are considered as the main location to film Dance Moms.

Dance Moms Pic

Dance Moms Pic

Facts about Dance Moms 5: Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller is one of the important characters in Dance Moms. Miller is recognized as the lead choreographer and owner of Abby Lee Dance Company. She also serves as the director of Reign Dance Productions.

Facts about Dance Moms 6: Gianna Martello

All genres of dance are mastered by Gianna Martello. She was a student of Miller. Martello serves as the assistant choreographer.

Dance Moms Images

Dance Moms Images

Facts about Dance Moms 7: Melissa Gisoni

Melissa Gisoni has two kids. Mackenzie is a singer and acro/jazz dancer. On the other hand, Maddie is a lyrical or tap dancer. Both have been enrolled to the dance studio of Miller since the early ages. Look at facts about Coronation Street here.

Facts about Dance Moms 8: the controversial costume

Miller created controversial costumes featured in some episodes of the Dance Moms. Lukasiak and Frazier are some of the moms who criticized the costume selection.

Dance Moms facts

Dance Moms facts

Facts about Dance Moms 9: “Topless Showgirls”

“Topless Showgirls” is the title an episode in season 2. On 6th March 2012, the episode was aired. But it was eliminated due to the intense criticism. Get facts about Contemporary Dance here.

Facts about Dance Moms 10: the costume in the episode

In order to make the young dancers look nude, they have to wear the sequined flesh toned tights and tops. The costume was heavily criticized.

Dance Moms Pictures

Dance Moms Pictures

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