10 Facts about Dance with Me

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If you are always curious about a movie related to dance and love, why don’t you read the Facts about Dance with Me? This drama film was released in 1998. The main casts in the movie were Chayanne and Vanessa L. Williams. The former one is a famous Puerto Rican singer. Randa Haines directed the movie. Check the additional information about the plot and production of Dance with Me in the below post:

Facts about Dance with Me 1: the cast in the movie

In Dance with Me, Chayanne took the role as Rafael Infante. On the other hand, Vanessa L. Williams became Ruby Sinclair. Other stars in the movie were Harry Groener, Kris Kristofferson, Jane Krakowski, Joan Plowright and Beth Grant.

Facts about Dance with Me 2: the soundtracks of Dance with Me

Dance with Me featured various soundtracks. Some famous singers filled the soundtracks. Gloria Estefan sang Heaven’s What I Feel. On the other hand, Thalia sang Echa Pa’ Lante. Other soundtracks included Fiesta Pa’ Los Rumberos, You Are My Home and Atrévete.

Dance with Me Film

Dance with Me Film

Facts about Dance with Me 3: the review of Dance with Me

If you think that Dance with Me received positive review, you are wrong. The critics only gave the movie mixed reviews.

Facts about Dance with Me 4: Rotten Tomatoes

The sample of 42 reviews in Rotten Tomatoes indicated that the movie earned 50 percent rating.

Dance with Me Movie

Dance with Me Movie

Facts about Dance with Me 5: the award

Dance with Me earned a Satellite Award. Joan Plowright won the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Musical.

Facts about Dance with Me 6: who is Chayanne?

Chayanne is the main actor in Dance with Me. He was born on 28th June 1968 with the real name Elmer Figueroa Arce.

Facts about Dance with Me

Facts about Dance with Me

Facts about Dance with Me 7: the works of Chayanne

Chayanne is not only famous as an actor, but also as a pop singer and composer. There have been 21 solo albums that he releases in the market. He is one of the successful Latin singers in the world.

Facts about Dance with Me 8: the first Hollywood role

Dance with Me is considered as the first role in Hollywood industry for Chayanne. He took the role as a Cuban dancer. Find facts about Braveheart here.

Dance with Me Facts

Dance with Me Facts

Facts about Dance with Me 9: Vanessa Lynn Williams

Vanessa Lynn Williams is another main cast in the movie. She is a singer, actress and a fashion designer. She was born on 18th March 1963.

Facts about Dance with Me 10: Miss America

Williams is known as the first African American who earned the title Miss America. Look at facts about Citizen Kane here.

Dance with Me

Dance with Me

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