10 Facts about Dandelions

Tuesday, June 14th 2016. | Plants

Here are several interesting Facts about Dandelions. It is one of the flowering plants included in the family Asteraceae. The biological name of dandelion is taraxacum. The flowers are originated from North America and Eurasia. T. erythrospermum and T. officinale are the two common species of dandelion in the world. Today, they are considered as wildflowers. Actually they were imported from Europe. Check other facts about dandelions below:

Facts about Dandelions 1: the common name

The common name of taraxacum is dandelion. It was taken from the French word, dent-de-lion. In English, the word means lion’s tooth.

Facts about Dandelions 2: Asteraceae family

As I have stated before dandelion is included in the family of Asteraceae. The composite flower head is surrounded by the small flowers. Use the term floret to call every single flower in a head.

Dandelion Flowers

Dandelion Flowers

Facts about Dandelions 3: the reproduction of dandelions

Apomixis is considered as the common type of reproduction conducted by most dandelions. It is an asexual reproduction to generate seeds. The offspring of dandelions are identical with the parent plants because it does not need pollination to generate the seeds.

Facts about Dandelions 4: the characteristics of dandelions

There are several characteristics about dandelions to note. The plants are herbaceous and perennial. The root of dandelions is tap.

Dandelion Images

Dandelion Images

Facts about Dandelions 5: the size of flower heads

The ray florets can be found on the entire flower heads. The diameter of flower head is around 2 until 5 cm.

Facts about Dandelions 6: the false dandelions

If you look at the plants in Asteraceae family, most of them have the yellow flowers. There is no need to wonder that some people call the false dandelions as the true dandelions due to the similar colors.

Facts about Dandelions

Facts about Dandelions

Facts about Dandelions 7: the usage of dandelions

Dandelions have been used as herb and food by the people. The evolution of dandelions can be traced back around 30 million years ago. Check facts about daffodils here.

Facts about Dandelions 8: the other names of dandelions

Dandelion is also called differently in other regions in the world. Some people call it white endive, swine’s snout, faceclock, wild endive and wet-a-bed.

Dandelions Pic

Dandelions Pic

Facts about Dandelions 9: dandelions as food

Dandelion has been used as food in Eurasia. The people have to eliminate bitterness by blanching the leaves.

Facts about Dandelions 10: the nutrients

There are various minerals and vitamins found in the leaves. They contain manganese, Vitamin A, calcium, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, iron and potassium. Look at facts about daisies here.



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