10 Facts about Daniel Bernoulli

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Let me show you interesting Facts about Daniel Bernoulli in the following post below. Have you ever heard about Bernoulli before? If you like to study physics and mathematics, you must know this notable figure. Bernoulli was a Swiss physicist and mathematician. He was born on 8th February 1700 and died on 17th March 1782. Many members of Bernoulli family were considered as notable mathematicians. He was only one of them. Here are the other facts to note about Bernoulli:

Facts about Daniel Bernoulli 1: the contribution in the field of mathematics

There were various works of Bernoulli which made him famous. But people recognized him more due to his work in statistic and probability. He was also known due to the mathematical applications on the fluid mechanics.

Facts about Daniel Bernoulli 2: Bernoulli’s principle

Bernoulli’s principle is used honor Bernoulli due to his amazing contribution to science.

Daniel Bernoulli Facts

Daniel Bernoulli Facts

Facts about Daniel Bernoulli 3: the conservation of energy

The two vital technologies in the twentieth century like the airplane wing and carburetor are operated based on the mathematical mechanism of Bernoulli’s conservation of energy. Find facts about coordinates here.

Facts about Daniel Bernoulli 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Bernoulli was in Groningen, the Netherlands. As I have stated before, his family was well known as notable mathematicians.

Daniel Bernoulli Pic

Daniel Bernoulli Pic

Facts about Daniel Bernoulli 5: moving to Switzerland

Bernoulli family decided to live in Basel, Switzerland after they lived for a short time in Frankfurt. Actually they were from Antwerp. They had to run away from their home country due to the Spanish persecution.

Facts about Daniel Bernoulli 6: the family members

Johann Bernoulli was the father of Daniel Bernoulli. He was recognized as one of the earlier developers of calculus. Jacob Bernoulli was the first person who established the probability theory. He was the uncle of Daniel.

Daniel Bernoulli Picture

Daniel Bernoulli Picture

Facts about Daniel Bernoulli 7: the brothers of Daniel Bernoulli

Niklaus and Johann II were the two brothers of Daniel Bernoulli. He was known as the most capable one of the younger Bernoullis. It was dubbed by W. W. Rouse Ball.

Facts about Daniel Bernoulli 8: the relationship of Daniel with his father

The relationship between Daniel and his father was not good. There was a scientific contest at University of Paris where Daniel and his father had tying for the first place.

Facts about Daniel Bernoulli

Facts about Daniel Bernoulli

Facts about Daniel Bernoulli 9: comparison

His father was ashamed because he was compared to Daniel. Therefore, he banned his son from the house. Get facts about Claudius Galen here.

Facts about Daniel Bernoulli 10: education

In 1721, Bernoulli got his PhD in anatomy and botany. Before he decided to study medicine, he was focused to study business due to his father’s wish. Actually he was interested to study mathematics.

Daniel Bernoulli

Daniel Bernoulli

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