10 Facts about Daniel Bryan

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Facts about Daniel Bryan will tell you about the former professional wrestler from America. He was born on 22nd May 1981 as Bryan Lloyd Danielson. He chooses Daniel Bryan as the reign name when he was in WWE. Bryan is a notable player in WWE for he collects the one World Heavyweight Championship, three World Heavyweight Championship titles, one Intercontinental Champion and one United Champion. There is no need to wonder that he has a lot of fans in America and other parts of the world. Check other interesting facts about Bryan below:

Facts about Daniel Bryan 1: other awards

There are many other awards that Bryan earned like 2013 Superstar of the Year Slammy Award winner and 2011 SmackDown Money.

Facts about Daniel Bryan 2: playing for WWE

Bryan was signed for 18 months in WWE from 2000 until 2001. Then he joined the international companies to wrestle. In 2009, this wrestler joined WWE for the second time.

Daniel Bryan Facts

Daniel Bryan Facts

Facts about Daniel Bryan 3: the nickname

American Dragon is also used as the ring name for Daniel Bryan. Then it is used as a nickname.

Facts about Daniel Bryan 4: Founding Father

Bryan is considered as Founding Father of the promotion after he worked in ROH or Ring of Honor in 2002 until 2009. In 2004, he became the first winner in Survival of the Fittest tournament of ROH.

Facts about Daniel Bryan

Facts about Daniel Bryan

Facts about Daniel Bryan 5: wrestling in Japan

Bryan spent a lot of time in Japan to do wrestling. He also won several titles in the country. He became the winner in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Noah. 

Facts about Daniel Bryan 6: the independent wrestling competitions

Bryan also became the winner in wXw World Heavyweight Championship, FIP Heavyweight Championship and two PWG World Championships. All of them are the independent arena. Check Chris Paul facts here.

Daniel Bryan Pictures

Daniel Bryan Pictures

Facts about Daniel Bryan 7: retirement

There are several medical issues faced by Bryan. Therefore, he announced his retirement in 2016. At that time, he was 34 years old. He has brain lesion and multiple concussions.

Facts about Daniel Bryan 8: the birthplace

The birthplace of Bryan was in Aberdeen, Washington. He was spent his childhood time here.

Daniel Bryan Pic

Daniel Bryan Pic

Facts about Daniel Bryan 9: the parents

His mother was therapist, while his father was a logger. When Bryan was young, his parents divorced. Look at facts about Chris Bos here.

Facts about Daniel Bryan 10: the beginning of his professional wrestling career

He wanted to become a professional wrestler after he graduated in 1999.

Daniel Bryan Images

Daniel Bryan Images

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