10 Facts about Daniel Handler

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Find out the interesting information about a renowned American author and journalist on Facts about Daniel Handler. He was born on 28th February 1970. Lemony Snicket is the pen name of Handler. Under this famous pseudonym, he has released the popular All the Wrong Questions and A Series of Unfortunate Events. Both are the children series. Here are other interesting facts about Handler below:

Facts about Daniel Handler 1: adult novels

Handler uses his real name to publish adult novels. Many publishers rejected The Basic Eight. It was the first book of Handler. The main reason of the rejection is related to the dark subject in the book.

Facts about Daniel Handler 2: the current book of Handler

If you are interested to read the current book of Handler, you can check We Are Pirates.

Daniel Handler Images

Daniel Handler Images

Facts about Daniel Handler 3: an accordion

Do you know that Handler is an accordion player?  He uses this musical instrument when playing for some bands.

Facts about Daniel Handler 4: the place of birth

The birthplace of Handler was in San Francisco, California. His father is an accountant. His name is Louis Handler. His mother is a former City College of San Francisco Dean. She is Sandra Handler Day.

Daniel Handler Pic

Daniel Handler Pic

Facts about Daniel Handler 5: the family relationship

Hugh Walpole is a notable British writer. Actually Handler is distantly related to him based on the maternal family line. On the other hand, his father is from Germany. He is Jewish. Rebecca Handler is the younger sister of Daniel Handler.

Facts about Daniel Handler 6: the childhood time

When Handler was a child, he loved reading a lot. William Keepers Maxwell, Jr. was the favorite writer for the young Handler.

Daniel Handler facts

Daniel Handler facts

Facts about Daniel Handler 7: education

Talking about his education, he went to Wesleyan University. In 1992, Handler graduated from the university.

Facts about Daniel Handler 8: the personal life

When he was in a college, he met his future wife, a graphic artist. Her name is Lisa Brown. In 2003, the couple was blessed with a son. His name is Otto Handler. Get facts about Dan Gutman here.

Facts about Daniel Handler

Facts about Daniel Handler

Facts about Daniel Handler 9: the place of living

Today, the family can be seen in San Francisco. They have an old Victorian house. Find facts about Daniel Keyes here.

Facts about Daniel Handler 10: the second novel of Handler

The title of Handler’s second novel is Watch Your Mouth. It mixes modern sexuality with Jewish mythology.

Daniel Handler Pictures

Daniel Handler Pictures

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