10 Facts about Daniel Morgan

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Facts about Daniel Morgan present the information about the American soldier and pioneer. He was born on 6th July 1736 and died on 6th July 1802. During the American Revolutionary War, he was considered as one of awarded tacticians in the battlefields. He also became the US representative from Virginia. During the Whiskey Rebellion, the troops were under the command of Morgan. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Morgan below:

Facts about Daniel Morgan 1: the birthplace of Morgan

Do you know the birthplace of Morgan? He was born in New Hampton, New Jersey. His mother was Eleanor Lloyd. His father was James Morgan. Daniel was the 5th child.

Facts about Daniel Morgan 2: the dispute with his father

He had a dispute with his father which made him leaving the house. At that time, Morgan was 17 years old.

Daniel Morgan Facts

Daniel Morgan Facts

Facts about Daniel Morgan 3: working

When he was in Pennsylvania, Morgan had to do various odd jobs. Then he relocated to Shenandoah Valley. Finally he lived in Virginia frontier. He became a teamster.

Facts about Daniel Morgan 4: during the French and Indian War

During the French and Indian War, Morgan was selected as a civilian teamster. Look facts about Daniel O’Connell here.

Daniel Morgan Pictures

Daniel Morgan Pictures

Facts about Daniel Morgan 5: punishment

Morgan had to face punishment due to his act for punching a superior officer. He was awarded with 499 lashes on his body after he came back from Fort Duquesne. The punishment was based on the command of General Braddock. That’s why he hated the British army.

Facts about Daniel Morgan 6: the personal life

Morgan married Abigail Curry. The couple was blessed with two daughters. Both were Nancy and Betsy. Look at facts about Cyrus McCormick here.

Daniel Morgan

Daniel Morgan

Facts about Daniel Morgan 7: as a rifleman

Morgan then worked as a rifleman for the provincial forces. The raids were against the Indians backed by the French forces. The main job of Morgan was to secure to the western settlements.

Facts about Daniel Morgan 8: the wealthy life

Morgan became wealthy by 1774. He also had 10 slaves at that time. He owned a farm located between Winchester and Battletown after the war ended.

Facts about Daniel Morgan

Facts about Daniel Morgan

Facts about Daniel Morgan 9: promotion

Due to his amazing bravery at Quebec, Morgan was promoted as a commander for 11th Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line.

Facts about Daniel Morgan 10: in popular culture

The Patriot was released in 2000. Benjamin Martin was the fictional character in the movie created based on the inspiration of Morgan and his brave actions.

Daniel Morgan Pic

Daniel Morgan Pic

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