10 Facts about Daniel O’Connell

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Let me explain about the Irish political leader on Facts about Daniel O’Connell. People often call him as the Liberator. He was born on 6th August 1775 at Carhan, County Kerry and died on 15th May 1847.  Find out other facts about O’Connell below:

Facts about Daniel O’Connell 1: the family life

At first, the family of O’Connell was wealthy. However, they had to let go the lands due to the dispossession. His family was Roman Catholic.

Facts about Daniel O’Connell 2: O’Connell in the early years

He was involved with pro democracy radicals in the early years of his life.  He wanted his country to show religious tolerance and gave equal rights for all citizens.

Daniel O'Connell Facts

Daniel O’Connell Facts

Facts about Daniel O’Connell 3: Catholic emancipation

O’Connell wanted to fight for Catholic emancipation in the country. For more than a hundred year, the Catholic people did not have any right to sit on the Westminster Parliament. He wanted equal rights for the Catholics.

Facts about Daniel O’Connell 4: a campaign

He created a campaign to established Catholic emancipation. Therefore, he formed Catholic Board in 1811. The Irish Catholic would get an opportunity to serve as a member of parliament.

Facts about Daniel O'Connell

Facts about Daniel O’Connell

Facts about Daniel O’Connell 5: Catholic Association

He established Catholic Association in 1823. He wanted to focus on the tenant’s rights, reformation of the Church of Ireland, economic development, and electoral reform.

Facts about Daniel O’Connell 6: the fund of the Catholic Association

The fund for Catholic Association was collected from the membership’s dues. The member just had to pay a penny in each month. The membership was very small so that Catholic peasants were attracted to join the association.

Daniel O'Connell

Daniel O’Connell

Facts about Daniel O’Connell 7: the first year

During the first year, Catholic Association got a large amount of money due to the successful subscription.

Facts about Daniel O’Connell 8: the money

The money collected from the Catholic Association was used to fund the Catholic Emancipation’s campaign. Check facts about Daniel Boone here.



Facts about Daniel O’Connell 9: death of O’Connell

In 1847, O’Connell died in Genoa, Italy because of cerebral softening. He was 71 years old. At that time, he was having a pilgrimage to Rome.

Facts about Daniel O’Connell 10: the dying wish

Before he died, he made a wish to have his heart buried in Rome. Moreover, he wanted his body located below a round tower in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. Look at facts about Clive of India here.

Daniel O'Connell Images

Daniel O’Connell Images

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