10 Facts about Daniel Padilla

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If you want to know a prominent Filipino actor, check Facts about Daniel Padilla. Padilla was born on 26th April 1995. His full name is Daniel John Ford Padilla. Besides being an actor, he is also a member of a band called Parking 5. Padilla serves as the bassist. Padilla was selected as one of the ambassadors of Original Pilipino Music Junior who promoted the local music among the young Filipinos. In Star Magic and ABS-CBN, he serves as a talent. Here are other interesting facts about Padilla to note:

Facts about Daniel Padilla 1: the place of birth

The birthplace of Padilla is in Manila, Philippines. His mother is Karla Estrada. His father is Rommel Padilla. Both work as actors.

Facts about Daniel Padilla 2: the action star

Robin Padilla and Rustom Padilla are the nephews of Daniel Padilla. They are action stars.

Daniel Padilla Images

Daniel Padilla Images

Facts about Daniel Padilla 3: a minor role

In 2010, he had a minor role in Gimik 2010. It was considered as the first acting role for Padilla. His partner in the movie was Julia Montes. Gimik was a remake of a young oriented show released in 1990s.

Facts about Daniel Padilla 4: Growing Up

Another role for Padilla was in Growing Up. It is also a Filipino youth oriented show. He took the role as Patrick Rivero. Get facts about Daniel Craig here.

Daniel Padilla Facts

Daniel Padilla Facts

Facts about Daniel Padilla 5: a prime time TV

Finally Padilla ended up in a prime TV series after he was seen in youth oriented shows on Sunday. He took the role in Princess and I. This series was romantic.

Facts about Daniel Padilla 6: Padilla’s character in Princess and I

In Princess and I, Padilla became Antonio “Gino” dela Rosa or Dasho Yuan Rinpoche. Padilla stated that his role in Princess and I was arrogant for he was wealthy. When he realized about love, it made him changed. Look at facts about Chris Rock here.

Facts about Daniel Padilla

Facts about Daniel Padilla

Facts about Daniel Padilla 7: rating

The rating of Princess and I was wonderful for it earned 40 percent mark. It came in the second place for the first place was for Walang Hanggan.

Facts about Daniel Padilla 8: album

Daniel Padilla had a self titled album released on 28th May 2012. There were 6 tracks in the debut album.

Daniel Padilla Pictures

Daniel Padilla Pictures

Facts about Daniel Padilla 9: “Hinahanap-hanap Kita”

“Hinahanap-hanap Kita” is the single of Padilla that you can listen as a soundtrack in Princess and I.

Facts about Daniel Padilla 10: the sales of his debut album

There were 10,000 copies of Padilla’s debut album sold in the market which took less than a week. It was based on the report of Jonathan Manalo. He was the producer of Star Records.

Daniel Padilla Pic

Daniel Padilla Pic

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