10 Facts about Daniel Webster

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Facts about Daniel Webster inform us about the famous American statesman. Webster was born on 18th January 1782. He was recognized by the people due to his political career in House of Representatives in United States. In 1813 until 1817, Webster was the representative for New Hampshire. In 1823 until 1827, he represented Massachusetts. Webster died on 24th October 1852. Let’s check other interesting facts about Webster below:

Facts about Daniel Webster 1: a senator

In 1827 until 1841 and in 1845 until 1850, Webster was elected as the senator for Massachusetts.

Facts about Daniel Webster 2: Secretary of States

Webster also took the job as the Secretary of States in United States in 1841 until 1843 under the Presidents of William Henry Harrison and John Tyler. In 1850 until 1852, he served as the Secretary of States under the President Millard Fillmore. Check facts about Daniel O’Connell here.

Facts about Daniel Webster

Facts about Daniel Webster

Facts about Daniel Webster 3: the Whig Party nomination

In 1836, 1840 and 1852, Webster was nominated for the president of Whig Party three times.

Facts about Daniel Webster 4: the early life of Webster

Let’s find out the early life of Webster. The birthplace of this man was in Salisbury, New Hampshire.

Daniel Webster Pictures

Daniel Webster Pictures

Facts about Daniel Webster 5: a courtroom lawyer

Webster was also famous a courtroom lawyer. He was involved in various cases in United States Supreme Court.

Facts about Daniel Webster 6: as a diplomat

Webster was also known as a diplomat.  His intervention as a diplomat was seen in the negotiation in Webster–Ashburton Treaty of 1842. It applied between Great Britain and Webster. The treaty talked about the border of Canada and U.S. Look at facts about Daniel Howell here.

Daniel Webster Pic

Daniel Webster Pic

Facts about Daniel Webster 7: the beginning of his political career

During the era of Second Party System, Webster started his career in U.S. political arena. In 1828 until 1854, it was considered as the political system in the country. The high level of loyalty to the parties as well as the increased interest of voters characterized the political system.

Facts about Daniel Webster 8: a key leader

He was one of the important leaders in Whig Party.  He had wonderful oratory ability which encouraged the people to focus more on American nationalism.

Daniel Webster Images

Daniel Webster Images

Facts about Daniel Webster 9: opposition

At that time, Andrew Jackson from the Democratic Party was considered as the opposition of Webster because he was conservative.

Facts about Daniel Webster 10: a spokesman

Webster would love to become a spokesman in various fields of life such as industry, banking and modernization.

Daniel Webster Facts

Daniel Webster Facts

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