10 Facts about Danny Elfman

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Facts about Danny Elfman will show you the interesting information about the notable composer, songwriter and singer from United States. He was born on 29th May 1953. Oingo Boingo was a famous band in the world. Elfman became the songwriter and lead singer for the band in 1976 until 1995. Check other interesting facts about Elfman below:

Facts about Danny Elfman 1: the film industry

He became an actor when he began his career in the film industry in 1976. Forbidden Zone was the first movie scored by Elfman in 1982. Richard Elfman was the director of the movie. He is the older brother of Danny Elfman.

Facts about Danny Elfman 2: the awards

There are several awards that Elfman receives during his career. He earns an Emmy for Desperate Housewives, a Grammy for Batman, Disney Legend Award, 2002 Richard Kirk Award and four Academy Award nominations.

Danny Elfman facts

Danny Elfman facts

Facts about Danny Elfman 3: the early life

The place of birth of Elfman was in Los Angeles, California. His father was a teacher in the Air Force. His name is Milton Elfman. His mother is a writer and teacher. Her name is Blossom Elfman. His family is Jewish.

Facts about Danny Elfman 4: the childhood time

Talking about the childhood time, Elfman spent his time in Baldwin Hills area in Los Angeles. The community in the area was racially mixed.

Danny Elfman Images

Danny Elfman Images

Facts about Danny Elfman 5: the film composers

Franz Waxman and Bernard Herrmann were some film composers adored by Elfman when he was still young.  He often went to the local movie theatre. He was impressed by the music composition in the movies.

Facts about Danny Elfman 6: performance

He went to France to follow his brother, Richard after he dropped out from high school.  Danny performed for an avant-garde musical theater group called Le Grand Magic Circus.

Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman

Facts about Danny Elfman 7: Serenada Schizophrana

Serenada Schizophrana was a composition that Elfman created in 2004. On 23rd February 2005, the composition was premiered at Carnegie Hall by Steven Sloane. Check facts about Daniel Craig here.

Facts about Danny Elfman 8: the other film scores

There are many film scores that Elfman had made. The recent one includes the extra music for Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). He worked with Brian Tyler. In Oz the Great and Powerful (2013), Elfman created a film score.

Danny Elfman Pic

Danny Elfman Pic

Facts about Danny Elfman 9: the musical style of Elfman

The musician style of Elfman is influenced from many modern classicist composers such as Igor Stravinsky, Philip Glass, Maurice Ravel, Sergei Prokofiev and Carl Orff. Get facts about Daniel Radcliffe here.

Facts about Danny Elfman 10: personal life

On 29th November 2003, Elfman and Bridge Fonda married. Both are blessed with three kids. Those are Lola, Mali, and Oliver.

Facts about Danny Elfman

Facts about Danny Elfman

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