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Let me show you the interesting Facts about DanTDM in the following post below.  This gaming channel is spotted on YouTube as Diamond Minecart. The videos on the channel are informative. But the viewers will be entertained because they can play games in the channels. That’s why: the viewers will have fun. If you want to know the real name of DanTDM and his work check the below post:

Facts about DanTDM 1: Daniel Andrew Middleton

DanTDM is handled by Daniel Andrew Middleton. He was born in Aldershot, England on 8th November 1991.

Facts about DanTDM 2: the fame of DanTDM

DanTDM is a famous channel in YouTube. Minecraft is a popular game in the channel. Middleton manages the channel. Therefore, he is recognized as a professional gamer and YouTube personality.

DanTDM Pic

DanTDM Pic

Facts about DanTDM 3: the global hit

Minecraft is a computer game which makes Dan Middleton famous and rich. He becomes a global phenomenon. At that time, this Northamptonshire boy was only 22 years old.

Facts about DanTDM 4: the birth date of Dan Middleton

Dan Middleton was born on 8th November 1991.  He is recognized by the people due to his videos which mainly talk about Minecraft. Look at facts about Daniel Radcliffe here.

DanTDM Images

DanTDM Images

Facts about DanTDM 5: the subscribers

There have been 10 million subscribers in DanTDM as of March 2016. In United Kingdom, DanTDM is enlisted as one of the top YouTube Channels.

Facts about DanTDM 6: the annual income

Due to his YouTube channel, he earned a lot of money. The annual income of Middleton was estimated by Business Insider around $213,000 to $2.15 million in 2014. Get facts about Daisy Ridley here.

Facts about DanTDM

Facts about DanTDM

Facts about DanTDM 7: the viewership

Based on the viewership that DanTDM earned, it was included as one of the most Youtubers in the world in July 2015.

Facts about DanTDM 8: the early life of Middleton

Let’s find out the early life of Dan Middleton. When he was a child, his parents decided to divorce. He is the eldest child in the family.



Facts about DanTDM 9: the education

Middleton went to Northampton University to pursue higher education. When he was in the university, he used “PokemanDanLv45” as his name to create a YouTube Channel. It focused on Pokemon.

Facts about DanTDM 10: a gaming channel

He decided to create a professional gaming channel in 2012 on YouTube. It was focused to attract children. The name is the Diamond Minecart.

DanTDM Facts

DanTDM Facts

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