10 Facts about Dante Alighieri

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The notable Italian poet is explained on Facts about Dante Alighieri.  He was recognized as a wonderful poet during the Late Middle Ages. The most celebrated work of Alighieri is Comedìa translated in English as His Divine Comedy. It was made in Italian language.  Boccaccio then christened the work into Divina. Check other interesting facts about Alighieri below:

Facts about Dante Alighieri 1: the Latin work

Latin was mainly used by the poets to create the poetry works. Therefore, the educated and affluent readers were the only ones who could access the works.

Facts about Dante Alighieri 2: The New Life (1295)

The New Life (1295) was one of the works of Alighieri written in Tuscan dialect.

Dante Alighieri Facts

Dante Alighieri Facts

Facts about Dante Alighieri 3: the national language of Italy

Alighieri played an important part in the establishment of national language in Italy. Alighieri also influenced the famous writers such as William Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer and John Milton.

Facts about Dante Alighieri 4: the story in Divine Comedy

The main story in Divine Comedy is about the journey of Alighieri to the Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.

Facts about Dante Alighieri

Facts about Dante Alighieri

Facts about Dante Alighieri 5: the beauty of Divine Comedy

Divine Comedy is considered as the most famous work of Dante. It is appreciated due to the mythic and beautiful passages.

Facts about Dante Alighieri 6: the honor

Alighieri was more respected and honored by the people after he died. People began to appreciate his works especially the Divine Comedy.

Dante Alighieri Pictures

Dante Alighieri Pictures

Facts about Dante Alighieri 7: the Italian language

Dante believed that the usage of Latin at that time limited the people from accessing works of art. Therefore, he created a work using a language that he dubbed as Italian in the Comedy. He used the combination of regional Tuscany language, other regional dialects and Latin. Look at facts about Craig Martin here.

Facts about Dante Alighieri 8: the nickname

Alighieri is called as the father of Italian language. That’s why the Italian language is called la langue de Dante in French.

Dante Alighieri Picture

Dante Alighieri Picture

Facts about Dante Alighieri 9: the standard literary works

During the middle ages, Latin was used as the standard language to create literary works. The footstep of Dante was followed by Giovanni Boccaccio and Geoffrey Chaucer. Both tried to use different language other than Latin. Get facts about Damien Hirst Artworks here.

Facts about Dante Alighieri 10: during the Romantic Era

The works of Dante were read by European people during the Romantic era even though he had created the works before the era.

Dante Alighieri Italy

Dante Alighieri Italy

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