10 Facts about Danube

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Let me inform you with the longest river in European Union Region on Facts about Danube. In Europe, Volga River is the longest river, while Danube River is the second longest river. This river can be seen flowing in 10 countries. It is located in Eastern and Central Europe. The length of Danube River is 1,780 miles or 2,860 kilometer.  The flow of water is originated from Germany. Look at the detail post for more information about Danube River:

Facts about Danube 1: Black Sea

Danube River will be emptied in Black Sea after it reaches various countries in Europe such as Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Serbia.

Facts about Danube 2: the importance of Danube River

Danube River is very important to the life of the European people. There are around 20 million people who relay their life on Danube River. It is the source of their drinking water.

Danube Beauty

Danube Beauty

Facts about Danube 3: the Germans

Based on the report in 2004, more than 30 percent of the people who lived in Baden-Württemberg, Germany consumed the purified water from the river.

Facts about Danube 4: the pollution

Some people decide to gain the water from the spring sources or from ground because Danube is heavily polluted. But the people can get the drinking water directly from Danube in Romania due to the high level of cleanness.

Danube Pictures

Danube Pictures

Facts about Danube 5: Danube in 19th century

Danube was used as significant waterway system in 19th century. It becomes a vital transport route today for it connects the people to the Black Sea.

Facts about Danube 6: Zille

Zille is a term used to call a flat bottomed boat used by the people to access the river located in German and Austrian sections.

Danube River

Danube River

Facts about Danube 7: the usage of Zille

Zille is still used by the people today.  It can be used to transporting the good, ferrying or even fishing. Check facts about African Rivers here.

Facts about Danube 8: fishing

Fishing is one of the interesting activities to do in the weekend. The fishing activity in Danube has decreased since the middle Ages.

Danube Image

Danube Image

Facts about Danube 9: the species of fish

There are at least 60 species of fish found in the Upper Danube River. Some species are European sea sturgeon, Russian sturgeon, beluga and starry sturgeon.

Facts about Danube 10: tourism in Danube River

There are several spots in Danube used for tourism. Those are the Danube Delta in Romania, Iron Gate in Serbia and Romania, the Naturpark Obere Donau in Germany, and the Wachau Valley. Look at facts about Colorado River here.

Facts about Danube

Facts about Danube

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