10 Facts about Darfur

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Facts about Darfur explain a region located in western Sudan. Circa 350 AD, the Daju migrated from Meroe in the region. Therefore, the region was called Dardaju at first. When the country was under the control of Tunjur, the region was called Dartunjur. Then it is called Darfur after the Fur people migrated in the area.  The word Darfur means that the land of Fur people. In 1916, the Anglo-Egyptian forces infused Darfur into Sudan. Check other interesting facts about Darfur below:

Facts about Darfur 1: the states

There are five federal states which make up Darfur. Those are West Darfur, South Darfur, Central Darfur, North Darfur and East Darfur.

Facts about Darfur 2: the war

Since 2003, Darfur has received the statue as a state with humanitarian emergency because of the war between the indigenous people with the Sudanese government.

Darfur Facts

Darfur Facts

Facts about Darfur 3: the area

The area covered by Darfur is 190,420 square miles or 493,180 square kilometers. The topography in Darfur is mainly defined with an arid plateau.

Facts about Darfur 4: the primary towns

Nyala and Al Fashir are primary towns in Darfur. In the center of Darfur, you can spot a series of volcanic peaks called Marrah Mountains. The height can reach 9,980 feet or 3,042 meters.

Darfur War

Darfur War

Facts about Darfur 5: the physical geography

The physical geography of Darfur is defined based on four prominent features. Those are the goz, wadis, basement rock and volcanic plugs. The goz is used to define the low hills and plains of sandy soils in the eastern half of Darfur.

Facts about Darfur 6: the volcanic plugs

The volcanic plugs characterize the fourth physical feature in the geography of Darfur. It can be seen in Daju Hills and Marrah Mountains. The highest point in Marrah Mountains is Deriba Crater.

Darfur Pictures

Darfur Pictures

Facts about Darfur 7: the population

Darfur was inhabited by 7.5 million people based on the report in 2008. More than 52 percent of the people who live in Darfur are the young people.

Facts about Darfur 8: the budget of Darfur

In 2008, Darfur has the budget at US $286 million. Find facts about Central African Republic here.

Facts about Darfur

Facts about Darfur

Facts about Darfur 9: the languages spoken in Darfur

There are various languages spoken in Darfur like Fur, Erenga, Daju, Arabic, Midob, and Fulbe.

Facts about Darfur 10: Darfur conflict

Darfur conflict is very prominent in the world. There were 480,000 people died during the insurgency and counter insurgency. Since 2003, most people in Darfur have to live inside refugee camps. Get facts about countries in Africa here.



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