10 Facts about Dark Chocolate

Thursday, June 23rd 2016. | Culinary

Facts about Dark Chocolate talk about a type of chocolate. It is one of the popular foods in the world. People make it from cacao or cocoa. It is mixed with sugar and fat like cocoa butter. After all ingredients are mixed, you get a solid confectionery. Chocolate is classified in several categories based on the amount of cocoa used during the production of chocolate or even from the flavors of chocolate. Check other interesting facts about dark chocolate below:

Facts about Dark Chocolate 1: the usage of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate can be used for various purposes. You can eat it directly.  The term dark chocolate is used to call the chocolate with the higher percentage of cocoa. It usually accounts for 70 percent to 99 percent of cocoa. The bar is thicker due to the high amount of cocoa.

Facts about Dark Chocolate 2: the sweetness of dark chocolate

The sweetness of dark chocolate is bittersweet or semisweet. When the people create dark chocolate, the ratio of cocoa butter used in the mixture can be various.

Facts about Dark Chocolate

Facts about Dark Chocolate

Facts about Dark Chocolate 3: the minimum amount of cocoa

The minimum cocoa content for a 200 gram bar of dark chocolate should be around 40 percent.

Facts about Dark Chocolate 4: the raw chocolate

The raw chocolate is a term used to call pure chocolate. This chocolate is not mixed, heated and processed with other ingredients. It is often marketed with healthy label in developed countries.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Facts about Dark Chocolate 5: the unsweetened chocolate

If you want sugar free chocolate, the unsweetened chocolate is the best option. Some people often call it as bitter chocolate.

Facts about Dark Chocolate 6: the usage of pure chocolate

The pure chocolate is mainly used for the base of cookies, confections, brownies and cakes.

Dark Chocolate Pic

Dark Chocolate Pic

Facts about Dark Chocolate 7: how to create dark chocolate

The dark chocolate is produced by having the cocoa mixed with sugar and fat. The milk is not used in the chocolate. If the milk is mixed in the chocolate, it usually is in very low proportion. Get facts about Dairy Queen here.

Facts about Dark Chocolate 8: the other names

Black chocolate and plain chocolate are the other names used to call dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Images

Dark Chocolate Images

Facts about Dark Chocolate 9: the flavors

There are various flavors that you can add on the dark chocolates such as orange, vanilla, mint and coffee.

Facts about Dark Chocolate 10: adding ingredients

You can make the dark chocolate more delicious by adding crisped rice, caramel, peanuts, fruits and nuts. Look at facts about cupcakes here.

Dark Chocolate Image

Dark Chocolate Image

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