10 Facts about Dark Energy

Wednesday, June 22nd 2016. | Astronomy

Facts about Dark Energy discuss an unknown form of energy.  The experts believe that the dark energy has great impact for expanding the universe. The term dark energy is very common to spot in the astronomy and physical cosmology. The expansion of universe has been observed by the experts since 1990s.  They believe that dark energy is considered as the most accepted hypothesis. Let’s find out other interesting facts about dark energy below:

Facts about Dark Energy 1: the contribution of dark energy

If we believe that the theory related to the dark energy is true, it probably accounts for 68.3 percent from the total energy in the universe.

Facts about Dark Energy 2: speculation

Whether dark energy is presented in the universe or not, the experts are still on speculation. However, they try to find the evidence to support this belief.

Dark Energy Pic

Dark Energy Pic

Facts about Dark Energy 3: the independent sources

There are three independent sources which support the presence of dark energy. One of them is seen from the measurement of large scale wave pattern of universe’s mass density.

Facts about Dark Energy 4: the characteristics of dark energy

The experts believe that dark energy is not very dense. It is very homogenous.

Dark Energy Image

Dark Energy Image

Facts about Dark Energy 5: a mystery

Dark energy is a quite a mystery. The experts who conduct the laboratory experiments face difficulties to detect the dark energy for it has roughly 10-27 kg/m3.

Facts about Dark Energy 6: effect of dark energy

Even though it is not easy to detect the dark energy, the effect of dark energy to the universe is very profound. It is due to the high amount of dark energy in the universe. As I have stated before, it occupies 68 percent of the universe’s total energy.

Facts about Dark Energy

Facts about Dark Energy

Facts about Dark Energy 7: the models of dark energy

The cosmological constant and quintessence are the two primary models of dark energy. The negative pressure of dark energy is elaborated in both models. Find facts about asteroid belts here.

Facts about Dark Energy 8: what is the effect of dark energy?

The presence of a small constant negative pressure of vacuum is considered as the primary effect of dark energy.

Dark Energy

Dark Energy

Facts about Dark Energy 9: the density

The density of dark energy stays constant even though the space expands. Therefore, the dark energy has persistent characteristics. Get facts about asteroid here.

Facts about Dark Energy 10: the evidence

There are various observations related to dark energy. Type Ia supernovae was published by the High-Z Supernova Search Team in 1998.

Dark Energy Picture

Dark Energy Picture

What do you think on facts about dark energy?

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