10 Facts about Dark Matter

Thursday, June 23rd 2016. | Astronomy

Facts about Dark Matter talk about a type of matter which accounts for 27 percent of energy or mass observed in the universe. The presence of dark matter is still a hypothetical type. The term dark matter is used to define the non interaction with the electromagnetic radiation. The experts cannot observe the dark matter directly because it is invisible to the electromagnetic spectrum. Let’s find out more interesting facts about dark matter below:

Facts about Dark Matter 1: the existence

The existence of dark matter is observed by the experts through its effect. It can be seen on the effect of dark matter in cosmic microwave background, large scale structure of the universe, the gravitational lensing and the motions of visible matter.

Facts about Dark Matter 2: is it detectable?

The current imaging technology fails to detect the dark matter because it does not emit or absorb radiation.

Dark Matter Pic

Dark Matter Pic

Facts about Dark Matter 3: the standard model of cosmology

If you look at the standard model of cosmology, the dark matter accounts for 26.8 percent of the total mass energy of university. The dark energy accounts for 68.3 percent, while the ordinary matter accounts for 4.9 percent.

Facts about Dark Matter 4: what is the ordinary matter?

Most ordinary matter is not seen. The observable gas and stars in the clusters and galaxies only occupy less than ten percent of ordinary matter.

Dark Matter Image

Dark Matter Image

Facts about Dark Matter 5: the importance of dark matter hypothesis

The dark matter is important to explain the anisotropies of CMB or cosmic microwave background. The current model of galaxy formation and cosmic structure formation is also influenced by the dark matter hypothesis.

Facts about Dark Matter 6: the composition of dark matter

WIMPs or weakly interacting massive particles are the materials which compose the dark matter.

Facts about Dark Matter

Facts about Dark Matter

Facts about Dark Matter 7: the accepted existence of dark matter

Most of the astronomical community generally accepts the existence of dark matter. But few of them try to modify the standard laws of general relativity. Look at facts about cosmos here.

Facts about Dark Matter 8: experiments

The astronomers are still on the ongoing experiment to detect the dark matter. One of the important sources for the astronomers to study the dark matter is the low surface brightness of dwarf galaxies.

Dark Matter Pictures

Dark Matter Pictures

Facts about Dark Matter 9: the cold dark matter

The simplest explanation about the cosmological observation is seen in cold dark matter.  The constituents which compose the dark matter have the FSL smaller than a potogalaxy.

Facts about Dark Matter 10: the unknown constituents

The astronomers still cannot identify the constituents of cold dark matters. But there are some possible large objects which serve as the constituents such as RAMBOs and MACHOs. Get facts about dark energy here.

Dark Matter Facts

Dark Matter Facts

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