10 Facts about Darren Chester

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Look at the interesting Facts about Darren Chester in the below spot. He is known as an Australian politician who was born on 13 September 1967. His full name is Darren Jeffrey Chester. Since 2008, Chester has been the representative of The Nationals. He serves as a member of the House of Representative for Gippsland in Victoria.

Facts about Darren Chester 1: during the Abbott ministry

During the Abbott ministry, Chester was appointed as the Parliamentary Secretary to Minister for Defence. He was in the office from September 2013 to September 2015.

Facts about Darren Chester 2: during the Turnbull Ministry

On 21st September 2015, he took the position as Assistant Minister for Defence in the Turnbull Government.

Darren Chester Facts

Darren Chester Facts

Facts about Darren Chester 3: rearrangement

During the Turnbull Ministry, there was a rearrangement which made Chester into Minister for Infrastructure and Transport on 18th February 2016. Look at facts about Abraham Darby here.

Facts about Darren Chester 4: the place of birth and early life

His father was a plumber. There were five kids in the family and Chester was one of them. His place of birth was in Sale, Victoria.

Darren Chester Images

Darren Chester Images

Facts about Darren Chester 5: the life before politics

Chester was a newspaper and TV journalist before he entered the federal politics. Moreover, he served Peter Ryan who was the leader of the Nationals as chief of staff. 

Facts about Darren Chester 6: the National Party candidate

During 2002 Victorian state election, Chester was the National Party candidate who contested Gippsland East. However, Craig Ingram won the election.

Darren Chester Pictures

Darren Chester Pictures

Facts about Darren Chester 7: the Senate position

Chester wanted the Senate position. Therefore, he followed the National Party preselection in 2004. However, he lost it.

Facts about Darren Chester 8: the resignation of Peter McGauran

The resignation of Peter McGauran made Chester elected as a member of House of Representative in 2008. In 2010 and 2013 elections, Chester was re-elected again.

Darren Chester

Darren Chester

Facts about Darren Chester 9: the same-sex marriage

Chester stated his support for the same sex marriage in June 2015. He was the first member of the National Party to do it. Get facts about Darcey Bussell here.

Facts about Darren Chester 10: the personal life

Chester, Julie and their four kids live in Lakes Entrance.

Facts about Darren Chester

Facts about Darren Chester

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