10 Facts about Darren Espanto

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Facts about Darren Espanto talk about the Filipino-Canadian singer. His full name was Darren Lyndon Espanto. He was born on 24th May 2001 in Calgary, Canada. The maiden name of his mother is Gonzalez, but Espanto did not get her maiden name. Espanto was the winner of Masters Finals of the Pinoy Singing Sensation competition in Edmonton when he was 10 years old. Check other interesting facts about Espanto below:

Facts about Darren Espanto 1: the first appearance on TV

When he was 10 years old, Espanto appeared on TV for the first time.  In 2012, he was casted in The Next Star. It was a reality television on YTV. Espanto was the youngest finalist.

Facts about Darren Espanto 2: the critical acclaim

During the first season of The Voice Kids Philippines, Espanto gained the critical acclaim.

Darren Espanto Facts

Darren Espanto Facts

Facts about Darren Espanto 3: Star Magic

Star Magic was aired in ABS-CBN. Espanto joined the show in 2014.

Facts about Darren Espanto 4: the youngest artist

Espanto was the youngest artist who owned five single records when he was only twelve years old. He took also record as the youngest artist who had an original solo album.

Darren Espanto Pic

Darren Espanto Pic

Facts about Darren Espanto 5: major solo concert

When Espanto was only 13 years old, he had a major solo concert. There were two songs of Espanto sat on number 1 and 2 in iTunes Chart Single category.

Facts about Darren Espanto 6: Mall of Asia

On May 29th, he had a birthday concert in mall of Asia. That’s why Espanto is considered as the youngest performer who conducted a concert in the mall.

Facts about Darren Espanto

Facts about Darren Espanto

Facts about Darren Espanto 7: the first studio album

In December 2014, Espanto released his first studio album. The title is Darren. Now it is certified Platinum. The album was a major success for it took number 1 on Astro Chart and Apple’s iTunes store. Look at facts about Daft Punk here.

Facts about Darren Espanto 8: Be With Me

Be With Me is the sophomore album of Espanto. It was released in May 2016. “7 Minutes” is the carrier single of Espanto.

Darren Espanto

Darren Espanto

Facts about Darren Espanto 9: parents

His parents are Marinel Gonzales and Lyndon Espanto. Both work as nurses. They were from Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines who migrated to Canada. Get facts about dance music here.

Facts about Darren Espanto 10: Filipino language

Espanto also learns Filipino language even though he is raised in Canada.

Darren Espanto Pictures

Darren Espanto Pictures

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