10 Facts about Dartmoor

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Facts about Dartmoor talk about an area of moorland in England. The location is in the southern Devon. The area has the total area of 368 square miles or 954 square km.  It receives the status as Dartmoor National Park because the area is protected. The upland of Dartmoor is occupied by granite which can be traced back in Carboniferous Period. The wildlife of Dartmoor can be seen on the tors. This term is used to call the exposed granite hilltops. Check other interesting facts about Dartmoor below:

Facts about Dartmoor 1: High Willhays

High Willhays is considered as the highest point in Dartmoor. It has the height at 2,037 feet or 621 meter.

Facts about Dartmoor 2: the importance of Dartmoor

Dartmoor is considered as an important area in England. It is filled with a lot of archeology and antiquities.

Dartmoor Images

Dartmoor Images

Facts about Dartmoor 3: who manages Dartmoor?

Dartmoor National Park Authority manages Dartmoor. There are 22 members of the authorities taken from the local district council, government and County Council of Devon.

Facts about Dartmoor 4: the popularity

Dartmoor is very popular across England. There is no need to wonder that many tourists like to come here.  For more than 20 years, parts of Dartmoor have been use for military firing ranges. The tourists can visit the area too.

Dartmoor Pictures

Dartmoor Pictures

Facts about Dartmoor 5: the granite area

The main feature that people can enjoy when visiting Dartmoor is the largest area of granite which occupies 241 square miles or 625 square km.

Facts about Dartmoor 6: the tors

The tors are very popular in Dartmoor because the hills are topped by the bedrock. There is an annual event held in Dartmoor. The important one is Ten Tors Challenge.

Dartmoor Pic

Dartmoor Pic

Facts about Dartmoor 7: Ten Tors Challenge

Ten Tors Challenge is followed by 2,400 people annually. The participants are around 14 to 19 years old. Those people have to walk in different routes between 10 tors. The distance is around 35, 45 or 55 miles.

Facts about Dartmoor 8: the northern moor

The northern moor is occupied by the highest points in Dartmoor. High Willhays has the height at 2,037 feet. Yes Tor has the height at 2,031 feet. Find facts about Cumberland Gap here.

Facts about Dartmoor

Facts about Dartmoor

Facts about Dartmoor 9: the southern moor

Ryder’s Hill is the highest point on the southern moor. It has the height at 1,690 feet or 515 meter.

Facts about Dartmoor 10: the climate

The climate in Dartmoor is temperate. Compared to the other area in England with the similar height, it is milder and wetter. Get facts about Cmw Idwal here.

Dartmoor Facts

Dartmoor Facts

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