10 Facts about Darwin Australia

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Facts about Darwin Australia will talk about the capital city of Northern Territory. There are around 136,245 people who live in this city. Due to the strategic location, the people can reach East Timor and Indonesia easily through Darwin. Darwin has the dry and wet season. It has a tropical climate.  Therefore, it is warm and hot. If you want to know more about Darwin, look at the following post below:

Facts about Darwin Australia 1: the wet season

The people who live in Darwin are aware with the cyclone activity when the wet season comes. It also experienced heavy lightning and monsoon.

Facts about Darwin Australia 2: the dry season

The dry season is excellent.  If you are near the harbor, you can enjoy the gentle and breezy air.

Darwin Australia Images

Darwin Australia Images

Facts about Darwin Australia 3: the Larrakia people

The ancestral home of the Larrakia people is located in the greater Darwin area.

Facts about Darwin Australia 4: the history of Darwin

Let’s find out the history of Darwin. HMS Beagle arrived at Darwin Harbour on 9th September 1839. The region was called Port Darwin by John Clements Wickham. The name was selected after the name of Charles Darwin. He was the former shipmate.

Facts about Darwin Australia

Facts about Darwin Australia

Facts about Darwin Australia 5: the name of the settlement

In 1869, the settlement was called Palmerston town. In 1911, it was renamed as Darwin.

Facts about Darwin Australia 6: building the city

Darwin was built at least four times. The first construction was after it received the air raid from Japan in the Second World War. Another construction occurred after it was hit by cyclone in 1897, a cyclone in 1937 and 1974 cyclone Tracy.

Darwin Australia

Darwin Australia

Facts about Darwin Australia 7: the fireworks

The fireworks are allowed in Darwin during the New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Territory Day. The people celebrate the latter day on 1st July. Find facts about Cork City here.

Facts about Darwin Australia 8: the main celebration

The main celebration will be conducted at Mindil Beach. If you are interested to visit the weekly market, you can come to Rapid Creek market, Nightcliff Market, Parap Market and Mindil Beach Sunset Markets.

Darwin Australia Pictures

Darwin Australia Pictures

Facts about Darwin Australia 9: Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

You can find the local performing artists, clothes, souvenirs and food at Mindil Beach Sunset Markets. Get facts about Dallas Texas here.

Facts about Darwin Australia 10: The Darwin Festival

Another interesting festival is The Darwin Festival. You can find visual art, music; dance, comedy and film here.

Darwin Australia Pic

Darwin Australia Pic

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