10 Facts about Databases

Tuesday, June 28th 2016. | Technology

Facts about Databases will tell you about an organized collection of data. The people can use reports, queries, tables, views or schemas to create database. When people collect data into the database, it will be used to assist the process which requires information. For instance, the database in a hotel will inform the people about the availability of rooms. The database is also applied in a computer. The computer software application is called DBMS or database management system. It can be used to analyze and capture data. The user can interact with the database too. Look at other interesting facts about database below:

Facts about Databases 1: the general purpose of DBMS

Do you know the general purpose of DBMS? It is used to define, create, update, administer and query the databases.

Facts about Databases 2: the notable database management system

IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SAP HANA, Sybase and Oracle are some notable DBMSs in the market.

database pic

database pic

Facts about Databases 3: the classification

The classification of database is made based on the model of supported database.

Facts about Databases 4: the popularity

Since 1980s, the databases which support the relational model and SQL language are considered as the most popular ones.



Facts about Databases 5: the complex mechanism

The database often employs complex mechanism due to its importance for running an enterprise. The database should have great availability, security and performance.

Facts about Databases 6: the administrator

The database should be accessible for the administrator.  He or she will control the database.

Facts about databases

Facts about databases

Facts about Databases 7: the database storage

The physical materialization of a database will be saved inside the container called database storage.  All needed information is securely stored here. The database engine has the function to put the data into the database storage.

Facts about Databases 8: database security

Database security is very important so that the users, owners and content of database are protected. It will forbid an unauthorized entity such as a computer program or a user to access the database. Look at facts about CSS here.

databases Facts

databases Facts

Facts about Databases 9: Database access control

Database access control has the responsibility to decide an entity like computer program or a person who can gain access to the database.

Facts about Databases 10: passwords

A user may be allowed to access a specific database by using his or her password.   This concept is applied when a person wants to know the data related to an individual worker. Get facts about cyber safety here.



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