10 Facts about Dating

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Let me explain about a stage of human mating process on Facts about Dating. Before the people have an intimate relationship or marriage, both will access their suitability. The practices related to dating are different from one country to other countries in the world. Before the couple reaches the engagement and marriage, dating is considered as the precursor. Get other facts about dating below:

Facts about Dating 1: the meaning of dating

There are several meanings of dating. In general, it is defined as the relationship in which two people try to find out whether both are compatible as a couple.

Facts about Dating 2: the variable for dating

If we talk about the social rules related to dating, there are many variables which determine the rules. Those include sexual orientation, religion, social class, country, gender, and age.

Dating Facts

Dating Facts

Facts about Dating 3: the behavioral patterns

It is not easy to decide the behavioral patterns of dating because they are changing constantly. Moreover, most of them are unwritten.

Facts about Dating 4: the culture

The culture determines the behavior of dating. It will determine whether kissing is appropriate or not to be conducted on the first date. It decides who will pay for the meals or even where the two people will meet.

Dating Images

Dating Images

Facts about Dating 5: the Karen people

To win the Karen men, the Karen women should present gifts and write love poetry in Thailand and Burma.

Facts about Dating 6: humor

Humor is needed when you date because it helps the people to decrease the tension.

Dating Pictures

Dating Pictures

Facts about Dating 7: celebrities

When the public spots two unmarried celebrities spend their time together, they will call it as dating. It is still uncertain whether the two celebrities are having an intimate relationship or they are just friends.

Facts about Dating 8: the stressful situation

As I have stated before, dating is a very stressful situation.  The person will be judged by another person based on the financial status, personality, physical characteristics and other aspects. Get facts about dating violence here.

Dating Pic

Dating Pic

Facts about Dating 9: the risk

The risk of being hurt and rejected makes both people involved in the dating process frustrated. Look at facts about cliques here.

Facts about Dating 10: tips

The people often look for tips during the first date. Therefore, they will not make any mistakes.

Facts about Dating

Facts about Dating

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