10 Facts about Dating Violence

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Facts about Dating Violence inform the readers with the dating violence experienced by teenagers. The violence can be in the form of emotional, psychological, sexual and physical abuse. It occurs during the dating relationship among the teenagers. The dating violence actually is also spotted not only among the teens but also adolescents. Here are other interesting facts about dating violence:

Facts about Dating Violence 1: the study of teen dating violence

The study related to the teen dating violence is conducted by the people because the experts want to know more about the metal and social developments of teenagers. They also want to know the negative impact of the abuse.

Facts about Dating Violence 2: the male adolescence

The study finds out that 32 male adolescents are involved with emotional, physical and sexual violence on their partners.

Facts about Dating Violence

Facts about Dating Violence

Facts about Dating Violence 3: the existence of dating violence on teenagers

Adults and adolescents do not realize that dating violence is also experienced by teenagers. It is reported by CDC or Disease Control and Prevention.

Facts about Dating Violence 4: the rate of dating violence

The rate of experiencing dating violence is more likely to happen on females than on males.

Dating Violence Pictures

Dating Violence Pictures

Facts about Dating Violence 5: is it similar with domestic violence?

The dating violence which occurs on teens is not similar with domestic violence. It is signed by the different sexual characteristics and unique developmental state.

Facts about Dating Violence 6: the report of domestic violence

It is more likely for the girls to report the domestic violence than boys.  The girls are often threatened by his partner to be raped, burned, beaten, strangled, and punched.

Dating Violence Pic

Dating Violence Pic

Facts about Dating Violence 7: the less severe acts

The less severe acts such as being kicked, scratched, slapped and pinched are often reported by boys. Look at facts about cyber harassment here.

Facts about Dating Violence 8: the childhood abuse on boys

The childhood abuse which occurs on boys makes them prone to perform dating violence to their partners.

Dating Violence Image

Dating Violence Image

Facts about Dating Violence 9: the childhood abuse on girls

The risk of having lack of self efficacy and empathy occurs on girls if they are abused during the childhood time.

Facts about Dating Violence 10: the high school students

It was reported that 9.8 percent of high school students in United States were hurt by their girlfriend or boyfriend in a 2009 survey conducted by CDC. Get facts about cyberbullying here.

Dating Violence Facts

Dating Violence Facts

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