10 Facts about Davao

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If you want to know more about Philippines, check Facts about Davao. This city is located on Mindanao.  The highly urbanized city was a home to 1,632,991 residents based on the 2015 census. In Mindanao, it is considered as the most populous city, while it takes the third most populous city in the Philippines. Here are other interesting facts about Davao to note:

Facts about Davao 1: the importance of Davao

Davao is considered as an important city in the Philippines. It serves as the industry hub between Davao Region and Mindanao. It is also the center of commerce and trade.

Facts about Davao 2: the highest mountain in the Philippines

Do you know that the highest mountain in the Philippines is located in Davao? The name of the mountain is Mount Apo.

Davao Facts

Davao Facts

Facts about Davao 3: the nickname

The people like to call Davao as Durian Capital. It is due to the fact that the city produces a lot of durians. It is very common for the people to spot Durian in Davao.

Facts about Davao 4: agricultural sector

The largest economic sector in Davao is taken by the agriculture. The city has the coconut, coffee, pineapple, and banana plantations.  The largest export from Davao is banana.

Davao Images

Davao Images

Facts about Davao 5: the agricultural land

The agricultural land in Davao occupies 67.19 percent of the total land in the city or it takes 1,639.44 square km.

Facts about Davao 6: the fruits

There are many kinds of fruits produced by the farmers in Davao. They include mangosteen, cacao, pomeloes, mangoes, pineapples, papayas, coconuts and bananas.

Davao Pic

Davao Pic

Facts about Davao 7: the chocolate industry

Davao is also famous with its chocolate industry even though it is considered as a new industry. The leading chocolate industry in Davao is Malagos Agriventures Corp. Look at facts about Cork City here.

Facts about Davao 8: the fish in Davao Gulf

Many fishermen come to Davao Gulf to catch fish products like crab, shrimp, mudfish, milkfish, and yellow fin tuna.



Facts about Davao 9: the cultural influences

Davao in influenced by various cultures. You can find the Spanish, Chinese or even Japanese culture here. It houses the Davao City’s Chinatown. Find facts about Darwin Australia here.

Facts about Davao 10: cultural-heritage sites

If you are in Davao, don’t forget to visit cultural-heritage sites. You can come to Davaoeño Historical Society Museum, Davao Museum, the Philippine-Japan Museum and the Mindanao Folk Arts Museum.

Davao Pictures

Davao Pictures

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